Women's Sacred Circle : November 16th, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm ET

0Come join in this extraordinary opportunity to embark on a profound and transformative journey within our Sacred Women's Circle. 

Fill your cup and receive the warmth and loving care from the sacredness of sisterhood.

Date: Nov 16th

Time: 6:00 pm ET

Location: At a private residence in Livingston, New Jersey (Address will be sent to you via email after you reserve your spot)

Theme: September Full Moon is a Harvest Full Moon associated fertility and prosperity. It is believed that this Full Moon brings good luck and fortune to those who embrace its energy. Our circle will include ceremonies for setting intentions to manifest our desires for the coming months.

This Circle is donation-based. 

After making your donation below, you will receive a Stripe confirmation. Then, shortly after you will receive an email with the address and other details about our circle.

We look forward to embracing you in connection, healing & empowerment.

If you have any questions, email Deepshikha at deepshikha@deepshikhasairam.com.

RESERVE Your SPOT and make your donation here:

PS: Not sure how much to donate?

You can donate $3 or $300. The average donation is between $40-50, but it ranges widely from person to person.

50% of the donation from this circle will go to S.O.F.I.A . A non-profit organization that provides advocacy, supportive services, and referrals for temporary housing to “at risk” women and children of domestic violence.

There’s no judgment or expectation on how much you can donate, and your support for this cause is deeply appreciated.