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Revival - Sacred Women's Circle

Sacred Circles for Women are sacred spaces that offer an opportunity for women to come together in sisterhood to heal, replenish and nurture themselves.

We practice an empty, non-judgmental, and loving presence that allows you to be seen as you are. In holding, seeing, and honoring each other as whole, complete individuals we in turn find our own power and agency to see and honor ourselves as Whole too.

Revival means to return to consciousness or life, to become active or flourish again.

As the ground thaws below our feet and sprouts begin to break through, let it be a reminder that you too can flourish again.

Revival Sacred Circle is for those who are feeling empty, depleted, exhausted, or breaking apart or for any soul who is searching for their center. 

Our circle has space for all of you. And, for all parts of you.

When you enter Sacred Space, you’ll receive:

  • A steadfast, loving, and empty presence so you feel safe in allowing yourselves to be seen as you are without judgment, advice, or feedback
  • Connection, Reflection, and Discovery with yourself as well as others who just like you have the desire to revive
  • Embodiment practices to take home with you that will help you return to life
  • An opportunity to fill yourself up with love, laughter, empathy, and gratitude interspersed with the feminine magic of mystery, tears, grief, and healing

Revival will be facilitated by Deepshikha Sairam, who is trained in the priestess tradition of Ceremony and holding sacred space.

All parts of you are welcome if you choose to come.

We see you.

We honor you.

We welcome you.


March 13th, 2023, 11:00 am to 1 pm ET

Revival Sacred Circles will be held virtually. On Signing up, you'll receive an e-mail with the Zoom link.

We will also be hosting a series of 6 More Sacred Circles in the Revival Series (other than this one). Each Circle will have a theme, you'll have an opportunity to pick and choose or come to all six.

The theme for the first one in the Revival Series is FLOURISH.

It is a FREE Circle and a great opportunity for those who are curious to see how we host Sacred Circles.

We will update this page soon for details on our future themes in the series.

Meanwhile, RSVP below and come Circle with us.