One-on-One Channeling Session



Have you been asking questions such as:

  • What is my purpose?
  • What is the guidance of my Higher Self?
  • Who are my Spirit Guides and what message do they have for me?
  • What path should I take next?
  • How do I access my intuition?
  • How do I stay in states of abundance, joy, ease, and flow for longer?

And, the most profound question of all,


Throughout my life I too have searched for answers to these questions, but in the wrong places.

In spite of being able to hear the still, small voice of the Divine within, I was conditioned to find the answers outside of me. Perhaps, you've been doing the same and it is no longer working for you.

Then, in 2018 during a meditation, I had an experience of being filled with an intelligence that was full of love and wisdom that was beyond the confines of human conditioning. This intelligence could look beyond our limited belief systems and perceptions & provide accurate information & knowledge.

During the time I was working as a Business Mentor to women entrepreneurs, and I could clearly see how the potentiality of these amazing, talented women was being blocked due to some human conditioning or the “shoulds” of the external world.

During our group or one-on-one sessions, this intelligence would fill me and start to move through me so I could offer guidance or personal direction that resulted in powerful results and transformation, both personal and financial.

Since then I have honed this relationship through my priestess path, morning written pages, and through meditation where I’ve traveled to other dimensions, past and parallel lives and to source.

Today, my understanding is that the source of the channel is Ascended Masters and Divine Feminine Goddesses. Through the years I have developed a deep relationship with Isis, Grandmother Ana, Kaali, Wisdom Keeper Thoth, and Quan Yin who is also my Spirit Guide. The intelligence of my personal channel has come from many lifetimes of being an Initiate of Isis and a scribe seshat in ancient Egypt.

When I channel, I am emptied of my own expectations, beliefs, and experiences and merge with pure light. It is in that state, the intelligence of the channel moves through me.

This intelligence is beyond the realms of our 3-Dimensional limited reality that’s based on cause and effect and the burden of “shoulds”.

It is loving intelligence and it’s intelligently loving. The messages that come through may not be the ones you expect, but they are always the ones you need.

Channeling is not about controlling outcomes or predicting the future. It is about accessing the deep wisdom of the Source so you can step beyond the threshold of your limited reality and begin to emulate the Divine itself.

There is magic, synchronicities, and a deep sense of joy, purpose, and peace available if you are ready to embody that wisdom. It is in all true sense, a Journey Back to Love. 

If you are drawn to this sacred and ancient practice, you can choose from the two options below:


These are done via Zoom (can also be done in person. If that’s what  prefer, schedule your session and send me an email that you’d like an in-person session. These can be done at my house in New Jersey.)

Once your booking is made, we'll meet at the appointed hour. 

  • We begin with a heart coherence practice so I can synchronize my energy with yours.
  • Next, we'll do a body scan. If needed, we will remove any cords, karmic or energetic so you too can be receptive to the subtle messages.
  • We'll come into Scared Space and set intentions for the session.
  • I'll invite the Ascended Masters into our Sacred Space and channel the messages that come through. If needed, I am also able to access your Akashic Records.
  • After we are complete, we will close with a gratitude prayer and/or if needed, an *activation, attunement, or incantation.

All sessions are private and recorded

The cost for a 60-minute session is $555


Slightly different from 1:1 Channeling. In Scribe Channeling you receive messages through the written word. You would book your session for a date/time. 

  • At the appointed hour, I'll go into sacred space, meditate on your question/intention and channel a written message for you. These can be 3-4 pages long or sometimes half to 1 page. Sometimes they also come in the form of a poem. If that happens, I will also transcribe the meaning for you.
  • The scribe will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of the session.
  • You may ask 1-2 follow-up questions for a period of 48 hrs after the scribe has been sent to you. 

If you choose this option, you'll need to email me the following items a minimum of 24 hrs before the session

  • 3-4 clear photos of you taken from different angles (close up, taken from far, etc.)
  • 1-3 questions you’d like to ask

The cost for Scribe Channeling is $555

*These are guided by the Ascended Masters. Sometimes they'll give me an incantation or a ritual that we need to do to seal the message received or they may want you to be activated or calibrated to a higher frequency so your channel may be opened as well.

I do not consider myself a traditional Psychic or Medium, but loved ones vibrating at a higher frequency often show up to give guidance.

It is my understanding that all of us have the ability to channel Source Wisdom. I am no special than you are. I only stayed open to it and deepened the relationship with my Channel. You too have access to this loving intelligence. If you’d like to develop your channeling abilities either privately or in a group, send me an email and we can create a sacred container for it.

meditation pic

If you'd like me to channel for your group, please email at deepshikha@deepshikhasairam.com, and, depending on the size of the group, we will arrange pricing and adequate time for everyone to be "seen".

Alternatively, if you'd like to learn how to channel for yourself or others, send me an email mentioning the same and we can create a private container that opens you up to become a channel to Source Wisdom.