5 Steps To Manifest Whatever You Desire Using Your Feminine Energy


Ever seen that facebook post that pops up every few weeks…..

“If you had an extra $10,000 in your business and you had to spend it all, how would you do it?”

Hypothetically it sounds great right? You might even have an answer ready.

What’s wrong in wishful thinking, you might say!

In the past, my first response used to be “but how much harder am I gonna have to work to make that happen?”

Perhaps you feel the same too. 

But what if I told you, I flipped this belief of mine (money = hard work) and manifested an extra $10,000 this month literally without adding any more hours to my day. 

It’s true.

That Facebook post has become a reality for me. $10,000 in my bank account to spend it the way I want for my business.

In this blog I want to teach you how to Manifest anything you want (really anything) using your Feminine Energy.

But first, the facts:

I was granted $10,000 by my local government to invest in my business. I was approved a week ago and the money just dropped into my bank account (sweet!).

Now let me share with you my Manifesting Process that I’ve used to Manifest my

  • Dream House
  • Dream Clients
  • Opportunities such as a Feature on Marie TV, Entrepreneur Magazine, Authority Magazine 
  • Filling up my programs & offers
  • Getting our mortgage rate lowered to exactly what we wanted 
  • A Housekeeper of my dreams
  • $10,000 out of thin air

And so much more!

NOTE : This isn’t a post about Law of Attraction. Yeah LOA works but when you can tap into the Goddess energy inside of you, you become unstoppable!

We all know like attracts like, so I’m not even gonna touch upon that. I wanna share with you how to Manifest using your Feminine Powers.

Let’s take it back to the month of May. I had intentionally slowed down in my business and wasn’t taking any new clients, which meant my income went through a dip.

Honestly, at first it scared me a bit but I had 4 months of expenses (both business and personal) sitting in my bank account so I was able to take this slow growth without any fear.

I also didn’t slow down in investing in myself. I hired experts like Copywriter, Designers etc. to help me birth my new projects (such as my mini course Energetic Sales)

So one afternoon, as I did my numbers I thought to myself “If I can have an extra $10,000, I’d be so thrilled!’

And then I thought “but I’m committed to taking this summer slow. I want this money to come to me with ease and grace”

That’s it!!

I made that my intention!

I wrote “Money comes to me with ease and grace” on a piece of paper and set it on my altar.

Every morning when I went there, I’d look at it, touch it and speak it out loud 3 times.

Why out loud? And, why 3 times?

Coz A) we manifest using our throat chakra and B) I’m a witch. Speaking it 3 times seals my spell 😉

Pssssst…you can try it too, you don’t have to declare you are a witch.

This btw is Step 1 people. Let’s do a recap

STEP 1  – Set a clear intention. Write it on a piece of paper. Activate that intention everyday by speaking it loud and if you want to do it my way, speak it 3 times!


A few days later, I was on my bank’s website when something popped up about the PPP loan related to COVID. I had never applied for it and the deadline was over like 2 months ago, but my intuition was telling me to look it up. 

So I did.

I googled it and landed on my local government website where I saw they were giving a Business Grant to Small Businesses. The grant for a business like mine would be equal to $10000. Well, what do you know?

I applied.

You had to be eligible for it and luckily I was. It probably took me 30-40 mins and a few back and forth with my CPA to get some numbers and et voila, my application was submitted.

This is STEP 2 – Listen. To. That. Intuition. 

It never lies folks. It’s always trying to pull you in the right direction. Always.

And then, take an inspired action. Aligned action. Listen again to your intuition. It will ask you to send an email, fill a form, go to a store etc. etc.

My inspired action was filling that form.


STEP 3 –  Detach. Release. Surrender

This step is the number 1 reason why people DO NOT manifest. Your LOA gurus and all your Manifestation Coaches (whatever that is) won’t tell you this. They’ll keep you looping around Vision Boards, Affirmations, Feeling Good and what not.

Whenever I haven’t manifested something it is because I was too attached to the outcome. And trust me, there are a million things I haven’t manifested yet.

This time it was easy for me to detach. The Outcome was not in my hands anyway. All I could do was fill out the application. I did have the urge to go back and look at the status quite often. I had to restrain myself from it. It took a few days but finally I really surrendered.

How do you Surrender?

Great question! It’s a practice. It’s the practice of stepping into the unknown and being okay with ANY outcome. 

It’s releasing your Control, dismantling your ego and letting your Feminine take the lead. 

This is the tenet of my work with the women in my programs. If you struggle with embodying your Goddess self while completely released from the Outcome, I highly recommend joining me inside my 4 month Group Program Elevate, you can apply here 


STEP 4  – Manifesting from your Womb Energy

Traditional Manifestation techniques will ask you to do Visualization from your heart center. This makes sense as all the original books on Manifestation were written by White Men.

Women manifest differently.

Read that again.

We women manifest differently from men. Again, this is not something your LOA experts will tell you because they are just parroting out of the old ways.

So how do Women manifest?

From our Womb.

Let’s go back to our Biology lesson for a minute.

Women give from their heart and receive in the womb.

Men give from their pee-pee and receive in their heart.

It makes sense for men to manifest using the visualization of their heart center. 

For women a powerful way to manifest is to use their womb energy.

I use a powerful energetic technique using both my Sacral (my power center in my womb) and my Solar Plexus to manifest what I desire. 

I’ve created a potent meditation around this that I give to my clients. I call it The Infinite Possibilities Technique. Right now you can access it by enrolling in my course Energetic Sales.

Here’s the short version of it – Visualize sending beautiful energy from your heart center to the thing you want to attract, and see it come back to your womb. See this back and forth as an infinity symbol.

The Infinity Symbol is considered to be a sacred geometric figure. It’s a powerful symbol to work with in your Spiritual Practice. Ask me how to work it by sending me a DM on Insta.

For this specific manifestation, I used The Infinite Possibilities Technique almost everyday.


STEP 5 – Consider it Done & Stay Open To Receive

I was willing to receive this money in any or all forms. I knew that I had released this wish in the Quantum Field. I had set an intention, I was taking aligned action, I had surrendered and I was practicing my energy technique. 

Now, all I had to do was stay open to the fact that this money is on its way to me, one way or another.

To my absolute delight, on a glorious Friday afternoon, I got an email that I was approved and the funds equivalent to $10,000 were on its way to me.

It took a whole week and plenty of surrender for the funds to actually show up in my Bank Account. 

And just like that, I have an extra $10,000 without working hard. 

You can do this too!!  Share with me below what are you going to Manifest and then follow all the Steps. I help you master this technique in my 4 Month Group Program – ELEVATE. Apply Here to get started.

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