Can we just use our Voice?


I was the youngest in my family.

I don’t just mean my immediate family. I mean the entire extended family.

And that kinda status comes with its own pros and cons.

On one side, I was the center of attention (I was pretty darn cute so that helped). 

On the other hand, I was the youngest for eternity. So my opinions didn’t matter.

My contribution to any topic was always taken with a “what does she know she’s the youngest.”

Noone took me seriously. Whether I wanted to talk about American History or my opinions on why it’s ridiculous for women to fast for their husband for an entire day to pray for their long life when there’s no such tradition for husbands.

This suppression of self expression over time for a Manifestor is more than just a killjoy, let me tell you that.

Recently one of my articles got published in Authority Magazine.

I sent it to my dad who sent it to maybe the whole world?

I got a message back in particular from an Aunt, who said she really enjoyed my article and she’s so happy to see how mature I’ve become. 

That shit just pissed me off.

I wanted to write back “Actually I was always pretty mature but no one really heard me.”

But what would that have accomplished? So I just replied with a simple “thank you”

But that triggered something inside of me. 

Imagine how many little girls are being asked to “sit and eat your dinner quietly when they open their mouth to express themselves and give their opinion.”

They too will grow up walking around with muzzles on their mouths.

I read in a book recently that women have the hardest time having a tough conversation with a client or a boss or their partner.

Why do you think that is?

I get enraged even writing this. I want this to end. For you. For me. For all the girls around the world. 

Our voices are so powerful! They deserve to be spoken.

This reminds me of a post my friend Suzy Cater did on her Instagram recently. I could not have said it better than she did:


Not worth mentioning ⁣

Not worth sharing ⁣

Not even fully making sense ⁣

Not even fully explainable ⁣

Does not mean ⁣

That it won’t blow someone’s mind ⁣

That it won’t spark someone’s inspiration ⁣

That it won’t move people’s worlds ⁣

Oftentimes with our messaging ⁣

We feel like — ⁣

Does anyone really need to hear this? ⁣

Will this 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 be of value? ⁣

Well f*ck value. ⁣

You arrived in this world with a god-given voice. ⁣

And you don’t owe it to anyone how you choose to use it. ⁣

So ⁣

If you’re feeling the nudge — ⁣

If your inner fire is roaring — ⁣

Give it voice. ⁣

Speak from your soul. ⁣

Open yourself to mystery. ⁣

Open yourself to magic. ⁣

She is doing some incredible work helping women speak their voice in full self expression. Go follow her 

And then go use your Voice. Stop caring what people think. Stop caring what’s gonna happen next

Speak your Truth.

Express yourself fully.

Speak from your Soul.


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