What’s It For?


Action without Intent is useless. 

Every action needs to have a purpose. If you don’t even know what it is, how will you do the work to achieve it?

“What’s it for?” ties us down to doing the work. 

Not idle work. 

Not the work my 11 week old pup, Cleo does when he goes round and round to chase his tail.

I have to water the garden?

What’s it for?

So that my grass stays green and I maintain the status quo of living in a neighborhood of houses with green grass.


CDS says : wear a mask

Sure, but what’s it for?

To slow the spread of Covid-19. 

Really? How does my wearing a mask slow the spread of Covid-19.

Well, if you may be a carrier of the virus even without symptoms. By wearing a mask you protect others around you. And, you’ll be protected from others who may have the virus.

Oh got it. In that case, let me buy a mask.


We have a brand new course.

Fabulous, what’s it for?

Well, we have great copy, top affiliate partners and wait till you see the branding.

Wow, that sounds amazing and looks like you worked hard on it, but what’s it for?

We want to help busy moms simplify cooking.

Got it. How will the course do that?


The “what’s it for” provides the intent. It gives you a purpose to finish the work you started. 

Go back to all those unfinished tasks and ask “what’s it for?”

Can’t answer that? Throw it in the “never to be looked at” pile.

Get to work with the tasks that came to life with the question.


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