10 tips and tricks I’ve learned about being a Creative


We are all creatives. 

All of us. 

We are all also Artists. 

Artists are Creatives. 

Artists Create Art.

Your art can be music, painting, words, an outfit, a book, dance, a photograph, a video, an audio.

It can be something that hasn’t been named yet. Or invented yet.

When I embraced myself as a Creative, I wanted to be a better Creator.

Better than?


From who I was 6 years ago.

6 months ago

6 weeks ago

6 days ago

There are many things I’ve learned in this process of betterment. I’m sharing 10 with you today:

  • Build Streaks. Create every single day. Write daily. Make music daily. Meditate daily. Blog daily. Find your streak and maintain it.
  • Tell your people about your streak so that you can stay accountable 
  • Forget shortcuts. Seek the path of least resistance 
  • Create for yourself
  • And then find the smallest viable audience. It’s not for everyone. It’s for someone.
  • Listen to the tugs of your soul & follow it
  • Avoid the should’s or people who ask you to follow the should’s 
  • Embrace the sucky days. They are here for a reason. There’s a purpose to it
  • Avoid attachment to the sunny (happy) days. The more attachment you have to them, the shorter they last. “Is just IS” is my mantra
  • Protect your art. Don’t share it with people who are cynical of your work, your dreams and your art

Tell me, which one resonated, which one didn’t?


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