The Secret Behind Selling High Ticket


Yesterday I bought a ridiculous amount of bra at a ridiculous price without batting an eyelid.

This is the most I’ve spent on a bra, like ever! Let’s just say these bras are the high ticket of all the bras in the world.

In the past I’ve bought my bras from Nordstrom Rack. These are the same high quality ones available at a Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth but 75% below the price tag.

So why when I’ve always bought bras for $23 a piece, I willingly agreed to pay $125 per bra?

That’s the secret behind High Ticket Sales.

The last few months I had started feeling very uncomfortable in my current bra situation. You know that feeling right? The feel of the wrong bra. Ugghhhh!! My mom used to say your undergarments are everything. They should be high quality, they should fit right and they shouldn’t have any holes in them!

I’ve always taken that advice very seriously. So I knew it was time for me to upgrade my lingerie situation but who has the time to go to a mall, get fitted and blah blah.

Enter The Fairy Bra Godmother!

Gina. Owner of Bra Mobile lovingly known as the Bra Fairy. 

My stylist and friend Swapna put me in touch with Gina on Wednesday.

Gina was at my home on Thursday.

She came with 2 big suitcases, filled with, you guessed it….Bras of all different styles!

In the comfort of my own home, she fitted me and made me try the pieces that fit my style, my preferences and my lifestyle.

Not only that, she also gave me insider bra tips to make them last longer! 

Did you know you shouldn’t wash your bra after every wash, unless you are really sweaty and did you know you reduce the life of your bra by folding the cups on top of one another?

I did not!! No wonder, my bras don’t last more than 6-9 months.

In less than 30 minutes, my new Bra Fairy had armed me with the most comfortable pieces ever.

So when she rang me up and gave me that high price tag, I didn’t say “Oh I’ll just take 1 maybe” or “No thank you, I don’t need these amazing, comfy bras”

I said “here’s my Credit Card”

The secret of selling High Ticket successfully is customizing the experience of your clients with high quality service. 

How can you do that for your clients?

People pay more for comfort, luxury and getting in front of the line aka accomplishing their goals or solving their problem in a shorter amount of time.

I paid extra to get my TSA Pre-Check. This allows me to get in front of the line and I do not mind paying for it because it saves me time!

Most entrepreneurs customize the experience for their clients after they are in the door, meaning after they’ve paid them the money.

And yes while that’s extremely important and you should do that as well but you stand out by customizing their experience and giving them first class service even before they become your client, just like Gina did!

What does that look like for you?

Maybe it’s reaching out to a prospect with a personalized message.

Or, taking the time to listen to their questions and then doing a LIVE just for them in your facebook group.

Or, maybe it’s sending them a blog you wrote or a podcast you recorded that answers their question directly.

High Ticket doesn’t just mean a heavy price tag.

High Ticket means High Touch Service. 

When you can create that experience of High Touch Service for your clients, you too would tap in to the clientele who won’t flinch before giving you their Credit Card.




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