What is Self Care (really)?


What is Self Care (really)?

I did a Peloton ride today with Robin Arzón today. She’s not been my go-to Peloton Instructor, not because she isn’t good. But because she’s soooo freakin’ good, she busts your ass. 

I once did her ride in my early Peloton days and I think I almost died. Today I woke up feeling pretty confident about life in general, so I took my chances with her. 

I loved the ride! I didn’t die, but surely enough I was uplifted to a whole new vibration. 

There’s something she said towards the end that literally made me stop in my tracks. 

She said “Self Care isn’t always a bubble bath. Sometimes it’s climbing to the top of the hill.”

Now she was talking about the literal hill (can also be read as “hell”) we were climbing in our ride together, but that made me think about this word “self care”.

I’ve always been a big fan of religiously indulging in our Rich Lady Behaviors, which are things you do in your life that puts you front and center, raises your vibe and elevates your being.

A Rich Lady Behavior is Self Care.

And Robin is right. Often Self Care isn’t a bubble bath or a massage or a Louis Vuittoin handbag.

But more importantly self care is much more than that. 

A few hours after my Peloton ride, I was on a call with my Book Coach. She had given me a stretch goal last time which I had not even started yet.

I felt horrible about it.

I told her I was feeling overwhelmed right now with my kids being home, the new pup and all the other things I have to do. 

“Coach me through this” I begged her!

She did. We came to this one conclusion that was keeping me from writing my book and working on some other creative endeavors.

I said to her “I’m not being Selfish enough”


Selfish enough to close my door and say to everyone “I need 3 undisturbed hours”

Selfish enough to put a fence around myself and my time.

That, again made me think of the word Self Care.

Because, Self Care IS Selfish.


Self Care is saying “NO thank you. I’m not available for this right now”

Self Care is shutting the door and screaming in to your pillow

Self Care is to book that appointment with a therapist, a coach or your OB/GYN

Self Care is saying “I’m not okay and I don’t care if that makes you uncomfortable” 

Self Care is eating that last piece of cake that your child wanted because you just had a f*cking hard day

Self Care is not responding to a text from a toxic parent, partner, friend

Self Care is firing a client, team who isn’t aligned with your values and your needs

Self Care is changing your mind about who you work with, what you do, the ice cream flavor you like

Self Care is climbing to the top of the hill, even if you are the only one there.


Self Care is Selfish. Yes. The Selfish-ness makes us Self Full.

It fills us with so much love that it overflows to other areas of our life.

I know I can definitely use some of that. What about you?


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