Falling Behind


There is an insidious fear that takes root in all of us from a very early age. 

The Fear of Falling Behind.

We’ve used it for centuries to propel us forward, but to what effect?

In doing so, we’ve created a feeling of scarcity in the world.


To buy more stuff (before it’s all gone)

To hoard more toilet paper (what if they run out?)

To work even harder (what if she overtakes me?)


This fear is all about creating lack and separation from yourself. 

What if we trusted ourselves completely and knew that we are already enough and exactly where we are supposed to be?

What will we spend our energy doing and being instead of seething in judgement and jealousy?

The pressure comes off. We can relax our shoulders, even enjoy that Instagram scroll without getting paralyzed with the fear of falling behind. 

Maybe we’ll even cheer for our “competitors” (as if there are any!)

How would you show up differently if you knew you are on the perfect path to where you seek to go? 


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