Selling is Hard


I’ve never met anyone who has had a great experience being sold to by a Car Dealer.

“Bloody Rascals” our friend muttered under his whiskey breath as he described his latest “car buying experience”.

We all have at least one good (or bad) story about how the car dealer made us feel.

Like all they cared about was the money.

People who are amateur at Sales often feel the same about selling. You feel like you’re taking something from the prospect – their time, their attention and of course, their money. 

That’s what car dealers taught us.

Even when there is money at the end of it, sales can feel like stealing.  Harrowing work.

But, what if you re-framed Sales as an opportunity to solve someone’s problem?

A few weeks ago I went to a dermatologist to get my acne checked. I’m almost 38 years old and by God’s grace I’ve never had acne (except the occasional teenage zit), but lately it’s like they caught up.

She prescribed me a couple medicines and a new cleanser that I bought at her office. 

For the first time since December 2020, I’ve not had a big fat zit on my face. 

A doctor who prescribes acne medication isn’t selling, she’s solving my problem.

A real estate agent who steers you away from a house that has a sketchy problem in the basement and into a home that is built on a strong foundation and will serve your needs better is creating value for you. 

And the business coach who spends her time, energy, expertise and experience working with you  – – is helping you sleep better at night knowing that all the work you are putting in is gonna yield results. 

Some say Sales is Love

Some say Sales is an Invitation.

I say, Sales is a dance. A gorgeous dance of possibility, connection and empathy. 

It requires you to see the people you’ve chosen to work, really see them and then bring them what they need. 

An experienced Sales Dancer knows that.

She knows that Sales is a delicate dance that needs to be performed in perfect synchronicity. The moves have to be matched, the footwork, the chemistry – – all of it comes together to create a delightful experience of an equal exchange of energy.

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