20 things about me you may not know (coz I never told you)

I’ve reached a point in The Deep End Project, where I think I’ve written about everything and anything.
Not only that, I feel I don’t have any fear anymore to write about what I want to. Or, so I thought.

I said to myself today “I’ve become fearless, this is awesome. Why don’t we just pack up and go home now. No need to finish this off”

And then a voice said “but what if they found out about that?” So I gave myself a challenge.

I said “okay I’ll write 10 things I’m still not comfortable sharing with people. Once I started writing, I coudn’t stop. I wrote 20!”

Hear me out before you read this : by no means you have to share all your life and all your secrets on social. There’s such a thing as TMI.
Today I saw someone share an IG Story about how bad her day was going accompanied with a photo of her Cat’s vomit!!!
Ewwww!! Pls, there was no need for that girl. I believe you when you say, you’re having a bad day.
So again, there’s no need to share everything about your life on Social Media.
I don’t.
But this post, I wrote it to calm down my people pleaser. She thinks people will judge her and won’t like her if they found out some of this stuff.
So this is for her:

20 things about me you may not know (coz I never told you)

  • I shoplifted a lipstick once. I really wanted it and I had no money. 
  • I don’t know how to swim.
  • I don’t like cats (sorry cat lovers, maybe it’s a past life thing!)
  • I see snakes in my dreams all the time
  • I’ve never been to Paris
  • I was a shopaholic before I understood having clothes won’t mean I’m worthy 
  • I got married when I was 22
  • When I was 8 years old, I had Typhoid. I was so sick, I couldn’t get out of  bed for 3 months. I had many vivid dreams during those days. I know now some of them were one of my many first out of body experiences.
  • I hated every second of breastfeeding
  • I forged my parent’s signature on my report card in preschool (the same school where I named myself. I was 4!)
  • I used to steal my dad’s cigarettes
  • I once sold my Burberry bags to pay for my business expenses (do not regret it)
  • I’m allergic to Apples
  • I’ve never gone alone on a vacation
  • I’ve never traveled business class
  • I’m slightly OCD
  • I do not like Mahatma Gandhi (I think he was a creep!)
  • During a brief period in my teenage years, I wanted to be a Bollywood Actor
  • I’ve never been on a cruise and I’ve no desire to go
  • My eyes are brown, not black

What’s your thing? The one no one knows here about you and you’re slightly scared they’ll judge you for it? Care to share?

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