How Not To Manifest


I want to share a story I read in the book ‘The Moses Code’

The Red Bike

There was once a boy who heard about using prayer to attain what he wished for. His parents told him that if he asked Jesus for what he wanted with enough conviction, then Jesus would surely give it to him. That night, the boy knelt down at the side of his bed to pray.

“Dear Jesus, I really want a new red bike. My mother told me that if I pray hard enough, you’ll give it to me. Please give me a new red bike.”

The next morning he woke up to find there was no bike. That night, he knelt down again to pray.

“Dear Jesus, I really want that new bike, and I believe that you’ll give it to me if I pray hard enough. Please give me a new red bike!”

The next morning, once again, there was no bike waiting for him.

The boy was about to head out to school when he passed the mantel and saw a statue of Mother Mary. He found a piece of rope, took the statue from the mantel, and wrapped the rope around it. Then he put it in his backpack. When he arrived at school, he opened his locker, placed the statue inside, and locked the door. 

That night before getting into bed, the boy knelt down to pray once more.

“Dear Jesus, if you ever want to see your mother again…..”

When your ask becomes a coercion: If I can’t talk Universe into giving me what I want, maybe I can force it, your Manifestation doesn’t work. 

The Universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) doesn’t understand lack. It only knows abundance. 

When you expand in love, gratitude, giving and receiving. It also expands in love, gratitude, giving and receiving. More than you can imagine. 

To wrap up, how not to manifest;

Ask, ask, ask, ask again, ask again, ask again, coerce

How to manifest;

Ask with love and gratitude, Surrender, Stay Open to Receiving that or better.

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