100 days of writing


Today marks my 100th piece of writing in the Deep End Project.

Century Blog!

Today also marks exactly one year since I started riding my Peloton.

Peloton has something called a ‘Century Club’. 

Century rides are a big deal in the Peloton world. 

When you finish your century ride, you get a Peloton T-shirt for free. I got mine back in March. It’s a basic black tee but I absolutely love it. 

It’s more than a T-shirt to be honest. It’s a sign of my endurance, a commitment to my health. When I walk on the street wearing it, other Peloton people nod at me smiling or they’ll say something like “yaas girl, keep going!”

It took me getting on the bike 100 times before I could stake my claim to that tee and get the nodding smiles and encouragement. 

For me it happened over a period of 8 months. 8 months of clipping on and clipping off. 

As Seth Godin says “it’s a lot of juggling – throw and throw, and one day, the catching will take care of itself.”

My writing has been the same.

Lots of juggling. Lots of throwing. Day after Day after Day. 

Some days were hard. Some were easy. Some were downright excruciating. Just like my Peloton rides.

But as long as I kept juggling, I kept inching forward. 

100 days down. 20 to go.

No Century Club for this one. No free t-shirt. I’ll think of a Rich Lady Behavior, ofcourse.

But the taste of satisfaction of ‘getting it done’….aah! 

That’s what I am giddy for. 

Catching will take care of itself. All I have to do is throw and throw and throw. 

100 days down. 20 to go.


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