A Peek At My Favorite Things 


I only recommend things I think are game-changers for a Rich Lady Life & Biz… things everyone should have or do who is serious about living to the fullest

These are my rules…

  • I won’t teach it to you unless I DO IT MYSELF.  
  • I won’t recommend it to you unless I USE IT MYSELF. 

I combine business and marketing acumen with quantum transformation & energy work, thus the things I recommend are also a mixed bag of business books, crystals, meditations etc. 

When you mix the strategy with the mystical energy, you get soaked in a Big Bang kind of explosion of all your favorite things.

These are some of my favorite things to take your Rich Lady life up a notch.

KajabiI finally took the plunge on Kajabi last month when I launched my *secret* membership, ACTIVATE (more on Activate later). I had looked into Kajabi last year and had decided against it at that time. Glad I did, because recently Kajabi had an amazing promo of $99 for 3 months. This Rich Lady loved a good deal, so I jumped into it.

I will say I had my team set it up for me. The tech went way over my head but I’m so excited that I now have all my content in one place. This makes my life 1000% easier as we scale to include more programs and courses. 

Pitch Anything by Oren KlaffAs I get ready to launch my Mini Course on Sales. You can get on the waitlist here, I’ve been visiting and refreshing all my sales principles again. I want to give the best sales process to you. This took me to one of my favorite books on Sales, Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff. Now, this book is pre Online Courses boom, so some concepts are outdated.

Also, it was written by a man, so it is quite…hmmm…masculine? But still there are so many good lessons in the book. I love how Oren takes into account neurology and how our brain is developed with regards to sales. That itself is the reason why this book is so widely recommended, IMHO

Citrine Crystal Ever wanted a Crystal Ball that can make all your dreams come true? They can, with a Citrine Crystal Ball. Citrine is the crystal for prosperity and wealth. It’s the overseer of money energy and one of the premier crystals for manifesting. 

Citrine carries the power of the sun and because of this it is a fantastic stone to cleanse out your Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra works overtime for most of us, and when congested you’ll feel it in your confidence. Thus having a citrine sphere in your crystal collection enhances self esteem and confidence.

It’s also just gorgeous to look at. I keep it in the left corner of my office and often meditate with it. I honestly loved it so much, I even bought it for my husband.

Tapping – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is my go to whenever I’m feeling anxious, blocked, spaced out or highly emotional. It calms my nerves and helps me process my emotions. You can do EFT for just about anything. My favorite resources are Brad Yates on YouTube & for money, the book – Tapping Into Wealth.  (Fun Fact – I’m also getting certified as an EFT expert, excited to bring this powerful modality into my work with clients)

Tuning Into New Potentials Meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza – I am a huge fan of Dr. Dispenza’s work. He makes the mystical seem tangible by backing it up with science and data. This particular meditation is my current favorite. It is about 53 mins long, but even if you just did the breathing technique of pulling the mind out of the body (6 mins), it’ll be a game changer!

My Ultimate Success MantraGay Hendricks, author of The Big Leap, wrote about his Ultimate Success Mantra in the book. I’ve tweaked his a little bit and made it my own. “I expand in love and oneness, success and abundance, as I inspire others to do the same”

This is the first thing I say to myself when I wake up. It sets my intention for everyday and centers me back to my purpose.

I’m confident that my favorite things will become YOUR favorite things!

Give them a try and tell me about the ways your life and business has benefited by incorporating any of these things into your life.


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