5 Things To Never Do In A Sales Conversation


Every now and then I’d be at the end of a very bad sales pitch or I’ll hear from my clients/community members that they experienced a “nails on the wall scratching” feeling during a sales conversation.

I often receive screenshots of back and forth conversation that’ll put the best car salesman to shame!

I feel horrible when this happens because not only is there nothing worse than experiencing an awful sales conversation (we’ve all been there right? It just feels so icky!) and secondly, it discourages people from learning a better way to sell.

In my experience, Sales is one of the greatest opportunities for us to invite our prospects into our world and into their greatness!

I think of Sales as this beautiful way to express your feminine energy of inviting and expansion. I believe it’s vital that all women entrepreneurs learn how to sell confidently.

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Learning what to do to sell better is important. However, it’s equally important to know what not to do in a Sales Conversation.

That’s exactly what I want to share with you today. 5 things you should never do in a Sales Conversation.

1. Don’t ramble on about your offers

A sales call isn’t about you. It’s about your prospects. Give them an opportunity to speak. Your job is to listen and decipher if they are the right client for you and if you are the right expert/coach for them.

I’ve seen people ramble the most after they’ve told the prospect about their offer. They just keep talking and talking about the features, number of calls included etc. etc.. People need a moment to process all the information you just gave them. Pause. Give them time.

Pro Tip – If you really can’t shut up, keep a snack or water near you. Pop it in your mouth after you share your offer. That’ll reduce your urge to speak.

2. Don’t make the Sales Call about your results

Too much of something can be bad. Yes, it’s important to establish street cred and share social proof, but overdoing it is just plain sleazy.  You can’t social proof your way to a Yes!

In my Sales Process, I share exactly where to seed in social proof so that it develops trust. That’s what it’s job is anyway. To establish Trust. Not to boast.

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3. Don’t disregard their lived experience

This one is major. Just because you haven’t had the same experiences, culture, background as them doesn’t mean their opinions, choices or beliefs aren’t valid. As a coach/service provider, it should be your number 1 priority to educate yourself on topics like equity, diversity, inclusion, trauma etc. Creating a safe space for them is equally important right from the sales conversation. And, if they happen to share their lived experience with you, you should NEVER EVER invalidate their experience.

4. Don’t shame them if they give you an Objection

Can I share a secret with you? On a Sales Call, you will rarely ever get a Yes. At First. What you’ll get is “I am not sure if this is for me.” But they won’t say that. What they’ll say is :

“I don’t have the time”

“I don’t have the money”

“This isn’t the right time”


“I have to check with my partner”

“I have to think about it”

This is good. Infact one of my Sales Commandments is that your job on a Sales Call is not to get them to say yes. It’s to try your best to get them to say No.

Somewhere between that Yes and No, is the real reason why they are throwing cash at you right this minute. And when they tell you, be empathic, ask questions, listen, respect their answer.

For example; If they say “I need to think about this and check in with my intuition”

Wrong answer is “what needs to happen for your intuition to say yes or what is there to think, I am giving you all the information right here”🤮

People aren’t idiots. Your pushiness can be felt even if you are sitting in Antarctica. And guess what, this never ends well!

5. Lastly, please don’t say anything that even remotely sounds like the statements below (All of these are actual things heard by me or clients on Sales Calls)

“Well if you aren’t going to work with me, chances of you being as successful as me are very slim”

“You need to make a decision right now, that’s the kind of people I like to work with”

– “When I was in your position, I took out a loan to pay for coaching”

– “This offer only holds for the next 24 hrs. You are either in or out” [especially when this isn’t true]


Yucky right? I can tell you that I’ve personally experienced some of these and just writing these made me feel sick. 

I am going to say this one more time for people in the back –  Sales is one of the greatest opportunities for us to invite our prospects into our world and into their greatness!

It can be a gift when you know how to sell ethically, confidently and in alignment with your energy!


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