The Shit Shift


The Shit Shift

My obsession with Peloton is no secret. Like many around the world, it was my COVID purchase.

I’ll probably write about how important Peloton has been to my mental health another day. Today I want to talk to you about my favorite Peloton instructor, Jess King. Or rather, one of her philosophies that I so deeply love.

The Shit Shift.

So listen, Peloton Spin isn’t a walk in the park. And their instructors kick ass. I am just trying not to die most of the time. Except when I do a Cody Rigsby ride. Then, I am there for the laughs.

Other than that, it’s a shit show of sweat and my tears all mixed together. Yes, tears! Peloton is a mix of exercise and therapy for me.

In her classes, Jess King talks about The Shit Shift. 

The shit shift is basically where you are asking your body to do something hard and for the first few minutes it really sucks. It’s a shit storm. You feel like you can’t do it. You just can’t.

Your heart’s racing. Your legs feel like jelly. Your brain’s screaming “quit, quit, quit” on repeat

But you keep going. You keep pedaling. You focus on what Jess is saying and the beat of the music. You tune out the brain.

Then, suddenly it happens.

The Shit Shifts.


Your body and brain accepts you can do this. It gets acclimated to this new way of being.

You are still sweating, your heart is still pounding but it starts to feel doable even. You actually might kind of even enjoy being here. 

Our limiting beliefs about money, success and abundance are also the same. When you decide to finally let go of the past beliefs that have been holding you back, you enter the shit zone!

Everything gets harder here.

You wanted to make a change for the better but it seems like you are getting drowned in fear.

You wanted to raise your prices because you are so sick of playing small and charging next to nothing. You finally did it. But, now you are hearing no from everyone. 

Even your current clients have scurried away. 

Your ego says “you absolutely must quit right now. This is extremely hard. It’s a shit show. You’ll never be able to sell even a single thing. You aren’t even worth that price tag. Who did you think you are”

But if you persevere, if you have faith that the other side of this shit shift is actually pretty nice.  If you just keep your focus on things you can do, such as ; providing excellent service to your current clients, showing up for your audience in the absolute best possible way  – – it will drown out the noise of your ego.

Ultimately, the shit will shift. First yes, then second, then third. Slowly you’ll be the person who charges that kind of rate, who believes that money is an abundant resource available for all, so why not you!

In the end, whether you are on Peloton or not, the shit shift is available to you. All you have to do is take the ride and stay on it!


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