Redirect Your Strategy Towards Your Strengths


Remember those Annual Appraisals in Corporate?

Gosh, I hated those. Much like the School Report Cards, they highlights the things I needed to “work on”

Why as a Culture are we always focused on the things we need to “work on” rather than the things we are already good at?

Entrepreneurship is different. 

Here we can hone in on our strengths and choose to ignore (or outsource) our weaknesses. Right?

But do we actually do that?

How many of us have built our business strictly around us? Our strengths, our unique energy. How we were meant to go through life if we weren’t changed by our Culture, our systems?

We have adapted business strategies based on what has worked for others and tried our best to fit ourselves in it.

It’s like me wearing pre-mom era skinny jeans. If I try really hard and squeeze everything, I can fit into it. 

I’d just have to hold my breath and I’ll be helluva uncomfortable. 

But look, it worked!! So what if it made me feel miserable?

You know the world I want to live in? 

Where all of us know exactly what our strengths are, how our energy ebbs and flows and we create our entire life around it. Including our businesses!

We fit our businesses on us, like a pair of perfect jeans that glides over my 37 year old mom body.

One of the ways I love doing this for clients is by tailoring business to their Human Design.

But I also love using the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment to find out what are those amazing qualities we can enhance for our business

I do believe our greatest room for growth is in the areas of our greatest strength. It can help you to work in your zone of genius while minimising everything else.

One of my strengths is Community. It’s also one of my Core Values. Everything I do is geared towards creating a Community. 

Strategy wise, we also drive all our traffic to our Facebook Group, which is where I love enhancing our Community.

My top 5 Strengths according to the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment are Futuristic, Achiever, Responsibility, Communication and Activator. I am always looking for ways I can use these Strengths in my business.

These combined with my Core Values, my Human Design and my unique energetic patterns makes way for a business that I create in my way, not “their way”

I am confident the more I do this, the more my business will grow effortlessly. 

Curious – have you ever done the Clifton Strengths Assessment? What are your top strengths and how do you utilize them in business?



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