3 Simple Practices To Raise Your Vibe Before a Sales Call


Have you read that Instagram quote “Your Energy introduces you before you do”?

It is a million percent correct! I’d even go to the extent to say that people don’t buy your stuff, they buy your energy.

If you’ve ever walked into a store with an awful and rude sales person, you know what I mean.

Similarly, when we come across frazzled, nervous, desperate, needy or just plain nervous  – – our prospective clients sense it!

They get turned off by that energy and then you can have the world’s greatest offer or the most magnetizing messaging , they still won’t buy from you.

In my Upcoming Mini-Course on Sales, Energetic Sales, I will be teaching you a Power Packed Sales System Women Are Using to Convert More Without Slimy or Pushy Sales Tactics.  You can get on the waiting list here.

Today I want to share with you 3 simple Energetic Practices you can use before a Sales Call to raise your vibe and embody the energy of a confident CEO.

Practice Number 1 – Grounding 


Let’s face it, Sales Calls can make anyone nervous. It’s natural to feel spaced out or jittery.  Often women go through the feelings of “not good enough” when they have to sell something. 

We “speak” on a Sales Call, using our 5th Chakra also known as Throat Chakra.

However, when we feel nervous or not good enough, we feel ungrounded. All these feelings are associated with the lower chakras. A blocked root chakra gives you the feeling of nervousness and insecurity.

When your Root Chakra is out of whack, it’s natural that it will be misaligned with the other chakras as well.  When you use your Throat Chakra with the same feeling of nervousness, it’s going to be aligned with the same “nervous or ungrounded” energy. 

The simple practice of grounding yourself can release some of that yucky nervous energy.

How to Ground Yourself:

Use any or all of these practices to ground yourself 15-30 mins before a Sales Call

  1. Walk or stand barefoot in your garden or backyard.  
  2. Outside in the garden or in your own home, put your feet shoulder width apart, focus your energy on the base of your spine (that’s where your root chakra is located).

    Now imagine a chord going down from the base of your spine to the core of the earth. See, visualize or imagine this cord connecting with the center. Now, pull the red earthy energy up the chord till it connects with your root chakra. Send this energy all through your body. Breathe deeply as you imagine the red loving energy of the earth washing over you.

Recommended Crystal – Meditate, wear or hold Tiger Eye in your hand for a few minutes. You can even do it while doing the above grounding exercise.


Practice Number 2 – Powerful Visualization


A couple years ago I created a potent meditation to call in your aligned clients. This meditation has been used by hundreds of entrepreneurs with almost instantaneous magical results. I use the power of visualization + harness the energy of the Universe in manifesting your soulmate clients.

Carve out 10 minutes 45 – 60 mins before the Sales Call to practice this meditation. Get it here 

Recommended Crystal – I love using a Citrine Ball with this meditation. It’s such a great crystal for manifesting Abundance.


Practice Number 3 – The 1% Shift


This is a mindset shift that puts you in a zone of attraction. It’s very very simple. Right before you switch on Zoom, Assume a Yes!

Most of the time we go on Sales Calls with an assumed No. 

Many of my clients become sad and frustrated when they hear a no and then they say “I knew it, I knew she was going to say a No. Even when she came on, I knew it!”

I don’t know about you but when I am absolutely sure something is not going to happen, it usually doesn’t. 

Ofcourse, there’s no guarantee that she’s always going to say Yes. The fact is you don’t know, but when you go in with an assumed No, you’ve already blasted off that energy to your prospects. 

Instead of that, you can say to yourself “I am really good at helping people and if she is the right client, she is going to say a Yes.”

It’s a tiny 1% shift that totally changes the energy of the sales call.

Recommended Crystal – Keep Carnelian near you when you are on a Sales Call for confidence. You can even wear it as a necklace or bracelet. Or, hold it for a few minutes right before or during the call. 


In closing, where you put your energy, there you are. If you focus on being present, being helpful and in service you are going to be much more relaxed and confident on the sales calls. Which in turn, along with a power packed Sales Process can lead to much higher conversions.




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  1. This is gold! Will take notes and apply! Much appreciated, lots of love to you!

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