The Truth About High Ticket Sales (involves Wine)


I love wine. To the extent that if I see someone make a recommendation on Facebook, I’ll go get it from the Wine Store down the road.

But if you asked me to pay a couple thousand dollars to get wine shipped from Provence, France, I’d have to say “No”

Not my sister in law though. She and her husband are somewhere between Wine Lovers and Wine Connoisseurs. They pay a few thousand dollars every few months to ship wine from France.

“There’s a guy” my brother in law explained to me once during brunch. “We met him on our trip to Provence. We have stayed at his chateau a few times. He gives us a great discount and the wines are excellent. We order every few months. We only pay duty, shipping costs, he takes care of”

“The wines are soooo good. Way better than what we get here!” My sister-in-law chimed in enthusiastically.

I was stunned by this so I got to the bottom of this high ticket selling happening over here. I interrogated them to the point of my brother in law asking me “do you want his number?”

ummmm….No, I don’t. I love wine but I’d take the discounted Bollinger I buy from Gary Vee’s Dad.

What I wanted was to get to the truth of selling High Ticket, whether it is Dom Perignon or a High Ticket Group Program.

The truth about High Ticket Sales is :

  • High Ticket Sales is about Connection and Relationships
  • High Ticket Sales is about High Touch Service (think Target vs Chanel)
  • High Ticket Sales is about quality than quantity
  • High Ticket Sales is about curated, customized service than cookie cutter services
  • High Ticket Sales is not for everyone (and that’s okay!)
  • High Ticket Sales is about Nurturing your leads and investing your time in it than making a quick buck

Lastly, High Ticket Sales is knowing how to Sell. You simply cannot feel icky, pushy and sleazy about Selling. You need to know a better way to sell where the other person feels taken care of and knows that he/she will be making the best choice if they decided to work with you.

This is not a skill you need to be born with. You CAN learn how to get (infinitely) better at Sales with making just tiny little shifts in your Sales Process.

I shared how in my brand new FREE SALES GUIDE. In this guide I share with you easy 1% shifts you can make to get better at Sales, Convert More aka Make More Money.


Sales is not a skill that is limited to a select few. We can all learn how to do Sales in a feminine way that feels good yet powerful. No icky Bro-Marketing tactics needed!

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