New or Effective?


Do you know how many Zombie Movies/ TV Series are made each year

A lot.

I did a casual google search and my fingers hurt from scrolling the list.

Friday I returned home after a blissful yet tiring day in New York City, to find my husband sprawled on the couch, watching yet another Zombie Movie.

“Again?” I asked

He shrugged.

My husband is a big fan of Zombie related entertainment. He actually predicted COVID 8 years ago except he said “A virus will spread all around the world, it’ll be carried via airplanes and it’s gonna turn everyone into zombies.”

We all laughed, ofcourse. But he took it very seriously. 

At which point, I started getting Amazon packages with Zombie Apocalyptic kits, Machete and fire starters.

I threw it all out a few years ago. 

He also introduced me to The Walking Dead.

I watched it while I was pregnant with my second one. That and Game of Thrones (I’ve always wondered why my younger one is so wild!)

I think TWD is  the greatest show ever made on Zombies. Until about Season 7, after which I lost interest. 

And that was enough Zombies to last me a lifetime. 

But not for my husband.

He has watched most of them (if not all!)

Even though every Zombie movie is pretty much the same.

Apocalyptic world.

Dead people are walking.

They eat other people.

It’s a game of survival.

Same idea. So many movies. Still a huge fan base.

Including my husband.

We often ask ourselves the question in our business “What’s new?”

Although the more important question should be “What’s already working? “What’s effective?”

You can keep looking for the latest strategy or race to be the first one on a new platform, but if you don’t take the question above into account, you are missing out on die hard fans like my husband, a built-in client base.


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