Marketers, we need to do better!


I was minding my own business, scrolling the ‘gram and then I saw something that made me sad and a little bit mad. 

 A beautiful girl walking in a green lush area, talking to her phone, at us (in an ad)

“Breathwork is the most powerful modality on the planet”

I was sucked right in because I agreed with her. I love Breathwork and it is powerful!

She keeps walking as she tells us a few benefits of Breathwork “helps heal trauma, decreases stress, increases creativity etc etc……” 

And then she said something that pissed me off and I scrolled away….

“If you are not using Breathwork in your coaching programs, you are missing out. You are leaving lots of money on the table. This is the only thing that can get transformational results for you and your clients. Happier clients, means more clients for you. Don’t miss out on this powerful modality to create a life changing impact…..”

At this point I was turned off.

It doesn’t always happen that I don’t get sucked into fear mongering marketing, but that day I didn’t.

If you aren’t seeing the problem here, it’s not your fault. Let me explain….

Here’s the thing “WE NEED TO DO BETTER!”

I don’t care if you are Jeff Bezos’s Business Coach or you are so spiritually advanced that you shit literal diamonds.

Whether you sell Branding, Skin Care or Breathwork, you need to STOP making people feel that they are incomplete with your thing!

This includes everyone!

Life Coaches

Business Coaches

Mindset Coaches


Branding Experts

Content Creators 

And especially Spiritual Business Owners who are selling “healing, love, enlightenment”

I am not a monk who has been meditating in a Monastery for years (aka I am no Jay Shetty, lol!), but I do understand one thing (and you don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to get this)

The whole idea behind spirituality is that you experience oneness and wholeness and you move away from lack and separation.


If we are bombarded with Messaging and Marketing that makes us feel lack, separation, not enoughness, incomplete-ness,  then the whole idea behind powerful modalities and other Spiritual Practices is lost! 

We have failed each other then. We would then become the very thing we are supposed to be unbecoming from. 

The idea of “this is the only thing that can get you to X and if you don’t get it, there’s something inherently wrong with you or without it, you are wrong/not enough/incomplete” is downright preposterous.

Where is this even coming from?

Wait don’t answer that, I know (pssst….Patriarchy)

I assure you none of the Spiritual Books and Mentors I know and love, propagate this “fear mongering.”

Fear begets Fear

Lack begets Lack. 

I am not surprised that this particular marketer had to use lack and fear to “sell” her program.

It’s a smart marketing tactic to exploit the not-enoughness and lack we all feel. 

It’s worked for hundreds of years. It has turned people into millionaires, billionaires even.

It has also created business owners who won’t think twice before scamming anyone and spend quarter of a million dollars to spend 11 minutes in space when their own employees don’t have proper health care.

Don’t even get me started on millions of kids who don’t have access to clean water, proper nutrition or schools!

So the onus of letting the buck stop is on us! You and me. The consumers and the marketers. 

10 people have the power to change Culture. 

10 of us can decide not to fall for anything that makes us experience lack and not engage in any marketing activities as business owners ourselves that propagate lack and separation for others.

Just the 10 of us have that power to create that ripple effect that affects 100, then 1000, then 10,000, so on and so forth.

Make that 9 because I am already in! 

Because there is one thing I know:

Love begets even more Love

Abundance begets even more Abundance

Oneness begets even more Oneness

When I am whole, when I feel, I am enough and when I feel connected to you  – I can use Breathwork, Hatha Yoga, LSD or a Billie Elish song  – – I know I will create that powerful impact for people and myself!


So I have two questions for you!

First, are you finally ready to NOT fall into any kind of marketing that makes you feel that without it you are incomplete, not good enough  – – and that it is the ultimate pill that will fix you?

And second, are you ready to become one of the 10 people who refuse to participate in fear based marketing and sell with integrity, compassion and love?

Are you?


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