A Channeled Message For You


Something you may not know about me….I am a Channeler. 

Which means often I am able to channel messages from light beings. 

Think of these light beings as our Higher Self. We all have that inner mentor/ sage/ higher self that is full of wisdom. 

And we’ve all felt it in the form of intuition, whispers of the soul or plain ol’ “gut feeling.”

As a Clairsentient, I don’t see it, nor do I hear any voices.

I do feel a bolt of electricity go through me and information comes in. Many of my clients have experienced it with me in a coaching session.

I’ve been able to channel for as long as I can remember but never before have I been “asked” to share it with other people.

Until today. It’s a beautiful message. I wrote it in my journal as soon as it came through and as much as I could remember. 

Most of it is unedited, but some I changed to make sense:

Hope you enjoy it!

“I come to you as your Higher Self. You may have seen me, felt me or even experienced me. You call it “intuition” and that is correct. Although often it feels like you made me or I am a figment of your imagination. You feel I am not real. 

I can assure you I am very much real and not made up.

I know there are a lot of distractions to stop you from believing in me, to stop you from knowing that my guidance is the only truth. And there is a good enough reason for it. My energy is not as fast as the world you live in now. Sometimes I can come in like a bolt of lightning or a quick flash, but most of the time I am slow and I speak in whispers. 

I can understand why you feel that it is a waste of time to slow down and wait for your “intuition” to speak to you. However, it’s impossible to hear me when you are used to living in your fast paced life. 

To listen to my wisdom and my guidance, you have to match my slow moving energy. 

But when you push against it,  you create resistance. 

Instead you have to be like a river. 

A river keeps flowing. Even when it sees rocks in its path, it goes around it, over it or under it. It fully surrenders itself to the flow. It knows its path and it’s destiny. 

It fully trusts that it is a part of something bigger and greater than her and it keeps moving. Can you be like the River?

Ever flowing, sometimes catching speed, sometimes slowing down yet always moving towards the Sea, nourishing whatever that comes in its path. 

Let go of the should’s, the could’s, the pressure from the outside world, the things you think you have to do. Just flow.

When you get into the vibration of that flow, I will come in and tell you when you have to speed up, and when you need to slow down or change directions. 

Pay attention to what I whisper to you in the quiet for that is your only truth. 

Ask yourself everyday  – – how can I be the River today?

How can I flow? Who can I nourish on my path?

And trust that by doing this, you will always receive the perfect guidance to manifest your desires. 

Now some of your “spiritual teachers” will say that only if you do A, B and C, then will you manifest what you want.

For example; if you meditate for 2 hrs everyday or make a vision board, only then can you manifest a successful business or a loving partner.
Otherwise you are doomed. Without it, you become stagnant water instead of a flowing stream of river.

I want to share with you that there is never a right or wrong from where we see. By all means meditation and Vision Boards are good and definitely help, but our guidance is always available to you with or without it.

Yes, a river can often split and become stagnant water. But that is its destiny. It is not wrong. On the other hand, it is indeed beautiful as it provides perfect conditions for Lotus flowers and other forms of life. 

Let go of the need to control and trust that you will always be exactly where you are supposed to be. 

When you start controlling how things will manifest in your life, you lose the connection with me.

For when you control, you live in the future. And I do not live in the future, nor in the past.

I live in the present moment. When you want to hear me, connect with your breath. Release thoughts about the past or the future. Come back to the present moment and in that breath, you will always find me. 

Between always flowing like a river and being in the present moment, are life’s biggest gifts. Take them. They are available to everyone but not understood by most. This is my gift to you today. I hope you are as excited to receive it, as I am to give it to you.”

Sharing this was definitely out of my comfort zone. But it was very clear that it was what I had to do today. I really think there was so much golden wisdom here and most of it was so self explanatory. I hope you too would find something useful out of it.


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