It’s okay to hate your Business (and other things noone talks about)


Sometimes running a business feels like having a job.

I do get Sunday Night Blues (or is it Monday Morning Blues and Sunday Night dread?)

They say, if you own a business you can make your own hours. 

I laugh.

They also say, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day.

And I laugh some more.

Can I make my own hours?

Yes and No.

Yes, because I really can work at any time and from anywhere (although COVID changed that for everybody so we entrepreneurs don’t have that privelege anymore, do we?)

And No because….

…..because I am a mom and I am a wife. And my kids still follow the Mon-Fri school/camp cycle. So does my husband. 

And whoever said “entrepreneurs can make their own hours” was an idiot wrapped in a moron. 

Wasn’t a mom, I’ll tell you that.

I like my family. Most of the time, anyway.

I like not being behind my laptop when they are free and home.

I like taking them to the playground and playing silly games on the bed. 

So yeah technically I can work any hours, I really don’t want to. 

I look forward to the weekend. And then I feel awful when Sunday night rolls around.

You can love what you do and still feel irritated and annoyed at it.

Kinda like family!

Another confession: my business can very much feel like work on some days.

Even the parts I love – like, writing!

Especially the parts I hate – some of the tech stuff….grrr!!!

Oh yes we can outsource stuff and I do, but there’ll always be something only you can do or need at the time when your team isn’t available.

I guess what I am trying to say is that – – there’ll be days when you will love your business and there’ll be days when you’ll hate it. 

It’s okay!!

No one ever talks about this shit, but I can tell you that if you are feelin’ this – you aren’t alone.

So do I.

It’s okay to hate your business on a Sunday and fall back in love with it on Tuesday afternoon and then again hate it on Thursday evening. 

It’s okay to procrastinate.

It’s okay to spend the entire day binge watching Fear Street instead of working on your Funnel.

It’s okay to take a break from Social.

It’s okay to stop blogging, LIVE streaming, Instagramming, Tik Toking and all the other things you are told you should do.

It’s okay!!


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