I took my Priestess Vows


Many of you know that for the last few months I’ve been working closely with my Spiritual Mentor & Multi Dimensional Rose Priestess, Marin.

I wrote about it in an earlier blog.

When I heard the call, my heart and soul were yearning to be aligned with its highest expression. I didn’t understand why but I had such a big pull to understand the mystery and the magnetism of Divine Feminine, especially my beloved; Egyptian Goddess, Isis.

I obviously had no idea what I was stepping into.  The truth is I couldn’t have even imagined what was in store.

The last few months we healed my core feminine wounds at a cellular level, expanded my energetic body to be a conduit for divine energy and learned mystery school level teachings to become a priestess myself. 

Yesterday in a beautiful and very emotional ceremony I took my vows as a priestess. 

Now this might sound very woo and out there but I can assure it was as much of an earthly experience as it was a Divine one. 

Yes, I officially “graduated” and became a priestess (even though I believe I’ve been one for lifetimes), there was nothing occult about the ceremony.

For starters, I was in a mini skirt and not some Goddess-like garb.

Instead of a chalice, I had a whiskey glass and the ceremony itself was done over zoom.

As for the vows, they are also not some strange words in an ancient language.

They are simple words that are spoken as a commitment.

For example one of the vows was “I commit to LOVE as my true identity, transforming my relationship with myself to honor Her call”

Another was “I vow to align myself with the highest frequency of love, truth and oneness.”

Even though the words and the ceremony were simple and it may have looked like I was speaking affirmations to an outsider, there was something so immensely powerful about the whole ceremony. 

2.5 years ago I attended my first women’s circle hosted by my friends Jess and Jaymie.

As I witnessed them holding the circle, I had an undeniable remembrance of being in these same exact circles before. But that wasn’t possible because before then I had never even heard of them.

Yet, I had flashbacks of me experiencing them pretty much like the “deja-vu” feelings we all get from time to time.

That remembrance was actually a huge catalyst for me to go down this path. 

And as I spoke my priestess vows yesterday, I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. 

Happy Tears.  

Grateful Tears.

For finally I was back home.

It’s an indescribable feeling but the closest I can get to is, when I was a child we went on a pilgrimage.

It’s a hilly hike that takes 1 day to go up and 1 day to come down. You have to do it on foot. 

We went there with my aunts and cousins. But for some reason, while coming down I got separated.

there was only one-way in and out but when I reached the bottom, I couldn’t find my family. 

I waited and waited. People told me to have patience as they have to be looking for me and it was a better strategy to wait here (that was the entrance and exit) than scatter.

After what seemed like hours I saw my mom. She of course had no idea I was lost. She thought I was with my cousins who were further behind her. But infact at some point I had crossed my cousins, crossed her and rushed to the finish line only to find that I was alone and possibly lost!

I ran towards her and hugged her. That feeling of her body and her smell was home. 

That’s how I felt yesterday.

I was lost for so long but now I finally have found my way back home. And as a modern day priestess who wears crystals in her bra and Valentinos on her feet, I vow to do the same for others.


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