How to Get Better Clients


Better clients demand more. They demand that you show up in your highest quality work, but they are also ready to pay more to access that highest quality work.

They ask better questions and demand extraordinary answers, but they’re more respectful.

Better clients challenge you to do better; to do more research, improve your systems and processes, increase your knowledge.

They demand work that they are proud to share with others.  But they have better taste, better boundaries and better standards.

Lousy clients don’t want you to do your highest quality work. They want a quick fix, a band-aid. 

They want the cheapest commodity or whatever’s popular.

They don’t want to take the risks to try something new. You give them a finger, they’ll ask for your entire hand.

They don’t want to put in the work. You give them the templates, they’ll copy the darn thing.

They want to cut corners, procrastinate until it’s “perfect” and ask you lame questions.

We’ve all experienced lousy clients and better clients.

Both are out there. 

I was a lousy client this week. I signed up for a 26 Day Detox and then when I saw how much work it was, I closed the browser and pushed the plan towards the back of the drawer. I was looking for a quick fix to a problem that requires work. I was not prepared to do the work. My bad!

I was also a better client this week. I hired an expert to set up my kajabi. I spent 30 minutes getting organized and sent them everything they needed. They said “we’ve never seen a more organized client before, this will be easy and fun for us.”

The question is what can you do to get more and more better clients?

You become the sort of person better clients want. 

It’s a lot of work. 

You’ll have to kiss a few frogs. 

It’s not the kinda work you see on Instagram btw.

It’s behind the laptop, messy bun, coffee stains t-shirt, crusty eyes work.

It’s “I slept on the couch” last night kinda work .

It’s doing the same thing again and again and again work.

It’s boring at times. Frustrating too. And definitely lonely.

As Seth Godin says “it’s a lot of juggling – throw and throw, and one day, the catching will take care of itself.”

Then, Magic!This piece was inspired from Seth Godin’s book “The Practice”


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