Decrease Stress and Increase Efficiency with this simple Mindfulness Practice


I’ve been practicing Surrender for over a year now. I say “practice” because really that is what Surrender is. It is a practice that you get better at slowly.

As Humans we are wired to live in the past or the future. We are always trying to control our circumstances in any way we can.

The fact is, Control is an illusion.

You and I think we have control but the reality is, we don’t. We never had. We never will.

Need proof?

Year 2020.

How much control did you think you had on your life when the Pandemic ensued? 


Most of us shifted gears and adjusted. We didn’t like it, but we did.

But many couldn’t handle it. So they tried to control one thing they thought they could.

Toilet Paper.

Buying excess toilet paper gave them a sense of control over the future. Even though practically speaking it makes no sense to hoard on toilet paper when there is a deadly Virus spreading like wildfire, but that’s how the human brain works. 

Truth is, we have zero control over anything. This has been my biggest lesson this year.

No wonder so many spiritual leaders talk about the importance of staying present.

“Stop and Smell the roses” they say.

I get it now.

And if you are like “Okay I kinda hear you Dee, but I have no idea how to stop my brain from going 100 mph in the past and into my to-do list for tomorrow”, then I have a simple practice for you today that helps me ground into my present moment than hovering over my past/future.

During the day I find moments that are truly full of joy. I am not speaking of “I won a lottery” kinda moments.

Those simple moments we notice but don’t pay attention to.


The way your partner looks at you when you are fresh out of the shower

Your child’s giggles when you tickle them 

The orange-pink sky when the sun is setting

That relaxing feeling when you put up your feet and switch on Schitt’s Creek after a long day

Notice those brief moments and when you catch them say to yourself 

“What do I want today? Just. This. Moment.”

You can choose to close your eyes and truly savor that moment or not. Just say it and get on with it.

The more you do it, the more you stay in the present moment.

The more you stay in the present moment, less you want to control the future or dwell on the past.

You increase Mindfulness and decrease Stress.

And because you stay present to the moment and appreciate it, it increases the “feel good” hormone, Dopamine & Serotonin that increases your Physical and Mental well being.

I call that a WIN-WIN.

No Toilet Paper needed.

Now, you are gonna have to do it as practice. Until, it becomes second nature. 

Trust me, it feels so good that it will.

What moment are you going to capture today?


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