The Story behind my Ugly Glasses + Marketing Lessons


Why do I own Ugly Blue Light Blocking glasses?

Hello, my name’s Deepshikha and I like beautiful things.

Then why on earth do I own the ugliest pair of Blue Light Blocking glasses when everyone I know has the cutest one?

I’ll tell you a story and like all good stories, this will also have a lesson. Pay attention, there are a few game changing questions for you at the end.

Last year, along with the entire world, my family was also spending a ton of time behind screens.

My eyes felt unusually tired by 3 pm.

And, I was really worried about my 5 yr old being on Zoom 6 hrs a day. 

And then my money coach said to me ‘Dee why don’t you get Ra Optics for all of you. They are the only ones that really work. I use them all the time and they help me. I mean they aren’t great looking but you get them for kids too!”

I was curious, so I looked.

Within minutes, I had spent $400 on glasses for everyone in my family.


Well, 2 reasons. 

First, Social Proof!

Someone I trust (my Money Coach) had used them, loved them and had raved about them. I also know that she won’t spend her money on anything that’s not legit.

Second, Credibility

The first thing I saw when I got on their website was their tag line.

“The most effective Blue Light Blocking Glasses”

Having done my research (meaning asking on Facebook), I knew what everyone said “I love how cute it is, I am not sure if it works”

So everyone loved their glasses, but no one could tell if it worked?

And then here’s a website stating that they are “the MOST effective Blue Light Blocking Glasses”

I am already convinced.

But, wait there’s more.

I need to know if they can back that claim, right? I mean I can tell you that I make THE BEST Ginger Chai ever (true story) but would you really believe it if I couldn’t back it up?

Probably not.

Ra Optics knows that because that’s the next thing they tell you.

“Why Ra Optics?”

Ra Optics block the harmful blue light from screens and indoor light sources, allowing our body to relax, regain balance, and function at the highest level.

Developed with world-leading experts in photobiology, neuroscience, and optics. Preferred by leading health experts. Proudly worn by professionals in health, fitness and fashion.


This is followed by pictures of 3 semi-famous people wearing their glasses.

COOL! I am in.

Now I am a High Quick Start, a Manifestor and an easy sell so I don’t need anything else. I am already adding glasses to the cart and looking for my Credit Card. I have all the information I need:

✓ It’s effective in Blocking Blue Light 

✓ It will help me and my family regain balance at the highest level

✓ It wasn’t created in a Garage. Neuroscientists and Optics experts have developed it. And,

✓  Some cool dudes wear it!

But not everyone is like me and some people need more information. For them, they have a section on 

A Video by the founder on their “Story”

Another Section on “the problem” – as in why is Blue Light so Harmful.

I swear when you see this, you’ll be buying these for all the people in your life.

(P.S – I just made Christmas Shopping for this year very easy for you, you’re welcome!)

To sum it up, they just made the buying decision a no brainer for their customers.

You have a problem (tired eyes, poor sleep, brain fog, headaches)  

[Pssst…..the real problem isn’t Blue Light, it’s all these things above. A very important distinction]

We have a solution  – Blue Light Blocking glasses that work, developed by experts. 

You’d be stupid to not buy these and go for those $15 ones on Amazon!


 That is how me and my son became the proud owner of Ugly yet most effective Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

They were shipped fast.

My 5 yr old loved them and wore them diligently. It took me some getting used to, but they did grow on me.

Now, I left a ton of easter eggs here for you on how you can make working with you a No-Brainer for your clients.

Let’s do a recap  in the form of questions. I want you to answer them and tell me exactly how you can apply this to your business.

#1 Social Proof – Are your past clients talking about you? Have you made it easier for them to refer you? Are you talking about your client’s wins?

#2 Brag – Do you brag about yourself enough? What are you best at? What can you do that no one else does? Are you saying that specifically on your website and socials?

#3 Back it Up – Can you back up your brag with data? Have you helped your clients lose 30lbs or convert at 80% or grown their list by 2000 people in 30 days? 

#4 Your Origin Story – Have you shared your Origin Story with your audience? Is it there on your website? Can you share it again on social media? Do you talk about it on podcasts? If someone new follows you, will they know what your story is?

#5 Pain/Gain – Are you talking about the Pain and Gain of your clients enough? You don’t have to languish in the pain or lead with it even. But you do have to touch on it. Also, are you talking about the Gain? What can they have after they’ve worked with you? What will life look like for them?

After you’ve taken to answer these questions, I’d love to know the exact action steps you’ll take to implement a few changes to make your offers and services a no-brainer!


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