My Honest Opinion on “Online Courses”


I’ve been taking the summer slow.

No podcast recordings

No promo commitments

No launches 

Well, that’s not entirely true! I did honor my Manifestor energy and did one sneaky launch over the weekend and sold 6 spots!

But that’s the point. My Manifestor energy needed rest so I could listen to my next urge and take action. Everything flows with ease when I follow this.

But since I have more time on my calendar now, I am spending a lot of it doing things I never do.

Like finishing the Million courses I’ve bought.

I am a course hoarder.

Sorry. Not sorry.

There was a time I used to pride myself in finishing all the courses I bought, but over the last year and a half, I haven’t even cracked open most.

Sorry Amy Porterfield. 

Now, I am a girl on a mission (not really!).

I am also in the process of creating my Mini Course on Sales, so maybe I am feeling a little kinship with the fellow course creators. 

Here’s a common thing I am noticing among all course creators. They all have a “thing”

Especially when it’s to do with “Client Attraction” or “Lead Generation”

They all have one system that they teach.

One of the course creator has Referrals 

Another has Summits

Someone has Outreach as their Client Attraction System

And one coach has Retreats 

Another one has a 5-Day Challenge

Everyone has their own “process” of getting clients.

From 90 Min. Webinars to  3-Day Live Masterclass and everything in between.

And all of them say “this is my sure fire way to get clients. Follow my process step-by-step and you too, like me, will be making a lot of money.”

And they aren’t wrong. 

Except they are. Not entirely but somewhat.

When we say “proven system”, we aren’t taking into account that humans are not one-dimensional beings. 

You and I might have been raised in the same neighborhood, with a similar value system but you might be someone who can stop people on the street and start a conversation with them and I only get out of the house at 6 am and after 10 pm.

I am not even talking about the Physiological and Cultural differences we usually have!

In the example above, you might 10X your investment in the course on Outreach and I won’t even get beyond the first module!


I am not crappin’ on courses or course creators. I have found many courses very useful and like I said, I keep buyin’ ‘em.

I also totally get why they have to say “my proven system”, it sells way better!

As a business person, I can understand that. 

But as a human, I cannot get behind it. Especially because a lot of these courses don’t talk about the system before you buy it.

It sells on the idea of “more clients, more sales” blah blah blah….

If it did, then maybe people can make informed decisions?

But even then, most people don’t know what they are really good at, they just think they have to push themselves to do it.

So let’s say if you really hated Live Stream and there was a course “Selling on Livestream”, you might think you have to buy it to get better at it because it’s the hottest thing, even though you hate it. 

So are the Course Creators to blame?

Or are we to blame for not knowing what our true strengths are or not having enough confidence in ourselves?

I think neither.

If I would blame anyone, it would be the “Culture”

Our Culture aka Patriarchy created the Capitalist Culture that thrives on “the missing secret”, “the magic ingredient”, “the fix”….

….and Patriarchy is also to blame for our constant need to “work on our weaknesses”

The whole system from education to the annual “appraisal” in Corporates is based on fixing your weakness.

So what do we do now?

I always say, it’s not our fault we got here, but now we know better, it is 100% our responsibility.

I can’t tell you what to do. All I can do is model it for you in the way I run my business. 

So everyone has a thing, a formula, a process, a framework!

Famous Marketing Consultants will tell you, you have to have this!

Without this, you are doomed. 

I won’t go that far, but yes I too have a process.

And my process is simple and it can be done in many ways, based on your unique strengths.

And it is, Connection!

Yes, really simple…. Connection! 

Ofcourse, I am a big fan of Human Design, so how you Connect will be different for each Human Design!

For a Manifestor, it can be Outreach.

For a Projector, it could be a Podcast Guesting Strategy

For a Generator, it could be doing a Marathon 7 Day Livestream

For a Reflector, it could be a lazy, behind the scenes launch

(P.S – these are just examples, your unique chart reveals your unique strengths)

The point is, there is no cookie cutter when it comes to running your business.

Although at the heart of what you are really good at is always going to be Connection.

The formula, when you look at it this way, becomes very simple.

It isn’t, 

“Coach’s Proven Process” + Connection = $$$$

It is,

Your Unique Strength + Your Unique way of Connecting + Your Unique Energy = $$$$ + Ease + Flow

Which one would you like to choose?


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