20 Business Rules to Live By


  1. Pay Yourself. Even when you make less.
  2. Always use the 3 D’s. Delete, Delegate, Done
  3. Integrity is the most important Value (and the most underrated)
  4. Failure is just feedback
  5. Hire out what you can’t do 
  6. Hire out what you can do but rather not do
  7. No amount of money is worth your health, your family and your happiness
  8. Get support early
  9. Don’t get support too early 
  10. Make rules and then break them (See 8 and 9)
  11. Invest in your wellbeing and learning
  12. Learn about finances and investment. Especially if you are a woman. Especially if you are a woman and noone taught you!
  13. Mind, Body and Soul Alignment with what you do and how you do is more important than you think
  14. Your energy speaks before you do
  15. Karma’s a bitch. Don’t be an asshole to others (See Number 3 especially)
  16. You only need 20 seconds of Courage (Matt Damon was right!)
  17. Business is a million Hero’s journey at once. Embrace it
  18. Have a Rich Lady Behavior. Have 10, you deserve it!
  19. It’s ‘effin hard. IT REALLY IS! That’s why you need Number 17
  20. Always save for Taxes

Curious – which ones are you following? Which ones would you like to follow and what will you add to the list?

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