New Moon in Cancer Ritual



New Moon is a sign of New Beginnings & Fresh Starts. It is the time to let go of the old & of what is no longer serving you and set intentions to manifest what you desire.

I love New Moon personally because I feel at my very best, energetically.

Although you may have your own energetic cycle so you may be feeling extra tired today, allow yourself a nap.

You may also be feeling all your feels today and may go from happy to sad to weepy in a matter of seconds. 

It’s all okay! Allow everything and let it flow.

The Moon teaches us that everything is cyclical. Even our moods and energy levels.

The Moon is in its home sign of Cancer tonight making it a potent time for intuitive thinking, going within, manifestation and goal setting.  

There are a few rituals I do to make the best use of this beautiful & potent time. You can borrow mine or create your own



I start with Cleansing my Altar & since New Moon is associated with Manifestation, I also clean up my work space and my money altar.

I do this by first wiping out everything with a cloth.

Then,  I smudge my space and crystals with sage or Palo Santo. 

I also light up incense as I sit down for the next part of my ritual.

The most important thing is to do this with absolute love and reverence. Don’t do it as a chore. Enjoy yourself and take your time. I love the practice of picking up each of my crystals (I have a small collection worth keeping in a local museum) and smudging them with Sage’s smoke.

I find this practice so satisfying. As I pick each crystal, I speak my intention into it and. I also send feelings of Gratitude to my space that allows me to meditate, work and manifest.




Next I sit down for meditation for anywhere between 20 mins to an hour. I love meditating and have been doing it now for 3 years. If you are new, start with 5-10 mins.

I usually sit with a crystal in the palm of my hand with the intention of infusing it with my desires. I recently bought a beautiful Green Moonstone that I used for today’s meditation. It is a powerful crystal and it’s said that there is an energy transmutation that happens when you hold it.

I also love Guided Meditations on Insight Timer App and have used them in the past. Just Install the App and search New Moon meditation in the search bar. Choose the one you like or you feel drawn to.

If you don’t like Guided Meditation but just want some music, one of my favorite local Metaphysical stores in New Jersey has created a playlist just for this. You can access it here.

I also adore their products and they have quite a few just for New Moon. Check them out here.


Let it Go (Elsa Style!)


New moon is the perfect time to let go of all the things that you don’t want.

Write down all the things that are no longer serving you. Any obstacles, a hard relationship you want to put behind you, limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

If possible, burn it under the New Moon and visualize it all disappearing.

If you can’t burn it, tear it into very tiny pieces and flush it down the drain. 


Set New Intentions


Now it’s time to set intentions for welcoming what you do want to happen in your life.

Write down everything you’d like to happen in the next Moon Cycle.

Anything you’d like to Manifest or attract towards you, write it all down.

You can also do this  before the meditation and meditate on it.

Or you can read your list under The New Moon.

Once done, send Gratitude and believe that it is DONE!

Have fun with this Ritual! If you are being called to do something else, like dance or taking a bath, honor that! Trust and follow your intuition.

If you do the Ritual, feel free to share and tag me on Instagram.

If you already have a Ritual and it’s different from what I shared, tell me below. I’d love to know!


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