All (Business) Roads lead to messaging


Have you heard this one before? You might have not since I just made it up. It’s the truth though, the most important thing in your business is your Messaging.

Without it, you won’t attract your clients and you sure as hell won’t sell any offers. 

Before you do anything in your business….

Before you hire a coach

Before you start creating content 

Before slapping up your offers on your website

Work. On. Your. Messaging.


Because once you have clear, specific and simple (not clever) messaging, everything becomes easier.

You can create Offers easily.

You can create Content in minutes (okay maybe not minutes but you won’t be like a dog chasing its tail)

And it will make your Lead Generation very simple.

On the other hand, if your messaging is muddled meaning people don’t understand what you do or you are unable to use clear and specific words then all the things above can be hard.

Unfortunately, this is also the bane of almost every entrepreneur I know (including me!)

I have seen business owners spend months (sometimes years) trying to get to the words that hit the mark.

I will confess, getting to the right messaging that clicks, encompasses what you do and just fits right in, is not the easiest thing. Especially if you wear several hats. For example; I am a Business Strategist with Marketing and Sales being my superpowers but I am also a Coach and a Spiritual Mentor.

How do you fit all of it and make it sound clear and concise?

I am not a Messaging Expert (if you need one ask me, I know several) but as in this season of my business I am unapologetically owning my Spiritual Side and infusing it in my work, I am also working on creating a red thread messaging that showcases what I do in a clear, succinct way.

Ofcourse I am working with someone. I am a big believer in getting help where it’s  needed but I am also doing the leg work needed to get there.

In other words, I am getting very intentional on what I want my business to convey and what I don’t want it to convey.

I did some fun sacred play the other day and got some great “aha” moments. 

I created a mock up website on my journal. I drew all the buttons and how my website will look like, in a perfect world. What my Bio will say. What kind of offers would I have?

Then I went one step ahead and started writing the essence of what my work will convey. I am thinking of this as my bold “this is what Iam here to do” statement.

I got inspired by the book, The Artist’s Way at work. Some of these words are from there. Remember this is sacred play. I won’t be using it. But this gives me a solid backbone of what I want to create. Now when I work with my Messaging Partner, I can take it to her and say “this is my essence, now let’s create something that is uniquely me”

I am sharing this with you here for 2 reasons:

  1. If you’ve been confused about your messaging or aren’t sure if it’s specific enough, start this sacred play for yourself.
  2. Words inspire. I got my inspiration from the book, you might get it from here. 

Here is what I wrote:


The aim of my work is to give you a satisfying, fulfilled and joyous life in which you feel a sense of wholeness, not fragmentation; a sense of camaraderie, not competition or judgement.

Working with me will light up the path of wholeness that has always been there for you, but has been shrouded in darkness.

One result of walking back the path to your wholeness will be a heightened sense of authenticity. You will feel you are becoming more your “real” self – a self that perhaps too often feels not good enough, discredited and worthless in the business world as we know it.

While I will share with you ideas that are grounded in practical strategies & innovation that will be curated specifically for you and in line with the current business trends, some ideas and practices may also be very simple and timeless.

One of the main guiding principles will be to always guide you to reconnect to your own values, integrity by using techniques that are thousands of years old, like Human Design, Chakra System and Meditation.

As you will focus on yourself as your greatest business ally, you will find that your authenticity and heightened sense of intuition makes you a better business person and a whole woman.

Think of this as a guided encounter with your own higher self. People, not social media accounts, make companies. As you rendezvous with your higher self and increase your innate powers of integrity and intuition, you will become a catalyst for a thriving business and joyful life.

I didn’t edit anything and I know that this is very long but it truly captures what I yearn to create in this world. When I look at this, I get excited and it makes  me come alive! This can become my guiding light to my messaging now.

How can you use this Sacred Play to create crystal clear messaging for your company?


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