4 Questions to ask before you do a Quarterly Business Planning


I missed all the “new quarter” or “can you imagine there are only 6 months left in this year” posts and emails last week.

I had completely shut down emails, social media for my vacation. I deleted the apps from my phone and left my phone in my hotel room as much as I could. 

Actually I still haven’t uploaded the apps back and I am not hundred percent sure if I will.

Anyway I am pretty sure there was plenty of “time is running out” content everywhere. 

I don’t like this for 2 reasons.

  1. Time is not running out. It’s here. Right in front of you. 
  2. Having spent 37 years revolving around the sun, my observation is that nothing special happens when you meet or you do not meet your “goals” by Dec 31st of each year. Noone descends from the heavens to give you a diamond studded trophy. That’s not been my experience atleast. On the other hand, you aren’t given a spanking either.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong in having goals or making a quarterly or yearly plan for your business.

As long as you know that is just that –  A PLAN.

Whichever way you do your goal planning; Revenue Projections, Marketing Budgets, Launch Planning etc. etc. – – if you are creating any kind of plans this month or next month, I’d love for you to ask yourself these 4 questions that are stated below. These questions will help you create a business & life that’s truly aligned to your mind, body and soul.

You’ll notice none of these questions are on your Sales Strategy or your Funnel. They are about you. This is intentional. To create a business that not only feeds your bank account but also your soul, don’t forget the most important ingredient – YOU!


1. What makes me feel most alive? Example; Writing makes me come alive.

NOTE –  This isn’t an easy question to answer. We’ve been conditioned to repress our desires and never think about what we really yearn for. Moreover, desires are directly linked with the second chakra (sacral chakra). If your chakra is closed, unhealthy or unbalanced, you might find it hard to come up with an answer. Don’t give up! Keep asking yourself.

Some suggestions in getting your answers:
– Free Write the answer without editing
– Ask it in different ways. Silently, whisper it and loudly. You can even repeat it with the “Hmmm” sound “hmm…what makes me feel most alive?” or “I wonder what makes me feel most alive…hmmmm?”
– Take help from a coach or a mentor 



2. How much time in a day will I commit to this thing? Example; I am committed to spending 20% of my time in Writing. My goal eventually is to increase it to 50%


3. What nourishes me the most so that I can always come back to it (the thing that makes you feel alive)? Example ; alone time without any interruptions, friends who cheer me up, good sleep etc.


4. What creative U-Turns can I anticipate? Or in other words, what is in the way of me not spending time on the thing that makes me alive? Example; my own set of beliefs, late night Netflix binge, continue to hang around people who aren’t my cheerleaders.

Know that creative U-turns can and will happen. If you can identify them and make a plan to avoid them, it would help but there are some you won’t be able to avoid. Like you may have to spend Thanksgiving around family who don’t support you or you may get sucked into the latest season of Ozark on a Tuesday night. It’s okay. Re-commit. The fact that you wrote it down and are aware of your U-Turns will help you stay on track as much as possible.

After you’ve answered these questions, go ahead and share it with your team, your business partners and even your family. Make it a part of your Quarterly Plan. Put it on a paper and stick it where you can see it. 

A whole, happier you means a whole, healthy business. And that’s only possible when you look beyond numbers too.

Happy Planning!


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