Your Business will force you to look at every aspect of your life

We kinda go wild on holidays.
Ice Cream for Breakfast
Lunch at 4 pm
TV till 9 pm
The last few days all of us have been watching Shark Tank in bed.
I couldn’t be happier ofcourse. Last week I was driving my kids from school and I asked them if they wanted to become entrepreneurs when they grow up like their mama or work at a company like their dada.
Both of them said “entrepreneurs”
They even have ideas.
My 10 yr old wants to build hotels, houses and offices
My 5 yr old wants to build cars.
They also want to do a project together – – a collaboration between a house and a car, an extreme RV.
“It will have everything mommy. Even a massage chair. Would you want to live in it?”
“Mkay!” I am not a RV kinda person but don’t tell them.
It’s interesting that we are watching Shark Tank as I am writing my 7 Entrepreneurial Lessons. It kinda confirms all the lessons for me.
It’s like I can see it in the Entrepreneurs. Who’s gonna get an investor, who’s gonna be rejected, who’s gonna make it even if they got rejected and who will close up shop in the next 18-24 months.
Side note – Does anyone google the companies after the show? I totally do.
Watching Shark Tank confirms that being an Entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart.
And that brings me to Lesson Number 5 of my Entrepreneurial Journey.
Being a Business Owner forces you to look at every aspect of your life.
Every single aspect.
What Miss Sally, your geography teacher said to you in middle school.
How your parents talked about money at your house.
That stupid off hand comment on your looks or your intelligency by your best friend.
All of it.
If you don’t, it comes back at the most inconvenient time.
Right when you are about to go into your launch, after you’ve had your best month.
Especially after you’ve had your best month.
People call it “mindset”
I call it “letting go of your junk”
I actually call it “coming back to wholeness”
More than business and marketing strategies, this is what I am invested in, mind, body and soul.
Our wholeness is the most aligned version of ourselves. It’s when we are in touch with our highest self or pure consciousness.
Ofcourse, it’s not one and done. it’s more like an infinite process. We start from the zero point calibration and we always come back to it.
I love using energetic practices to keep me in perfect alignment with my higher self.
I wrote about this here 
Letting go of your junk or coming back to wholeness, is a very spiritual process. It’s not something we can understand with our brains. You have to involve your heart.
And that’s why being an entrepreneur challenges us at every aspect and forces us to question our belief system that we’ve been holding on for years.
This is one lesson you will learn. Sooner the better. You can’t escape it.
Like I said, otherwise, it catches up to you at the most inconvenient time.
What do you think about my lesson number 5? Has your business forced you to look at all of your life yet?


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