You and your Business are not the same

2nd Lesson as an Entrepreneur


This was a big one for me. Like many other entrepreneurs I got my self worth and my identity twisted like a pretzel with my business.

My business’s wins were my wins. This worked great because my pride and my self worth swooned with each business success.

But when my business didn’t have wins, when launches failed, sales calls didn’t convert, my social media posts didn’t get the love I wanted it to? 

Ugh!!! It felt like I was being rejected. Not my current strategy, or content or offer. Me. My self worth crashed and I blamed it all on me.

I suck.

I can’t do anything right.

Blah. Blah. Blah

Sounds familiar? 

Not only was my identity so wrapped up with my business, I was also guilty of calling it my 3rd baby. Yikes!


My business is not my 3rd baby. And, it definitely doesn’t define my worth. 

Read this again : Your business is not you, it’s not your baby. It doesn’t define you or your self worth. 

Your worth isn’t defined by the money you make, the number of followers you have or media logos on your website. 

Sure, these are all great things to have and there’s nothing wrong in going for these and other big goals, but as you do, always remember that you are inherently worthy, just for being. 

I know practically you know this. You get it. But it’s the distinction on an energetic level that will help you look at your business as what you do, not what you are.

Your business is a business. That. Is. All. 


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