How to get (infinitely) better at Sales


Did you know this isn’t my first rodeo as a business owner?

I was a part of an MLM before I decided to start my business. I used to sell Children’s Books.

And, I was horrible at it. 

If you know anything about how MLM’s work, you know that you gotta pay to join the company. You buy inventory with your own money and when you sell it, you can earn a (very tiny) percentage of it.

That’s what I did. I had cases after cases of books in inventory and all I had to do now was sell them.

That was a problem. I didn’t know how.

I went to holiday markets to set up my “book stall” and maybe sold 1-2 books. Sometimes none. I would deter people from buying because I didn’t think those books were right for their kids. 

The problem wasn’t the books. They were great books. One of the best I had seen. I believed in the product, but not in my ability to sell them.

It took me less than 6 months to realise that I was horrible at this book business (the proof of which is still sitting in my basement)

Then I started my own business and my sucky sales skill set came along for the win. I had a really bad closing rate (less than 5%).

I was so good at lead generation and sucked at closing them.

So I decided to learn a better way to sell.

I created a Sales Framework that took my Closing Rate to 90%. My clients who went through it also became better at sales.

They closed more, at higher packages and with better clients. 

Last few weeks, I’ve deconstructed my Sales Framework (we’ll be creating a mini course on this with case studies, examples, scripts etc.) I want to perfect it so that my clients are:

  • Only talking to qualified leads
  • Reduce resistance/objections even before the sales calls
  • Have a 80-90% closing rate 

I am calling the entire process, Energetic Sales. Because, that’s what sales is really, it’s an exchange of energy between you and your ideal clients.

And, in order to make sure it’s a healthy energy exchange, there are a few things you must remember. Think of these as the commandments of an Excellent Sales Process & to get infinitely better at Sales:

  1. You aren’t selling, they are buying. There’s a difference. Everyone is selling. Just scroll through facebook & you’ll come across 10 coaches selling the same thing to crickets. When you do Energetic Sales, you flip the script on sales. You don’t have to sell. You create a ULP (Unique Leveraged Position) so that people buy.
  2. Sales is 90% listening, 5% speaking and 5% pausing. The money is in the pauses. Don’t worry, I have scripts for these, if you are interested.
  3. They don’t buy your service, they get access to your brain. Change this belief, you’ll 10X your closing rate.
  4. Your job is not to get them to say yes. It’s to try your best to get them to say No. I know this is a mind fuck. But once you get this, you will *Only* work with dream clients.
  5. The most important part of any Sales Process is Pre and Post Sales. My sales calls are only 20 mins long. 90% of which is me listening to them. Most of our effort goes in Pre and Post Sales. And no, Pre sales isn’t creating content for your Instagram and Post Sales isn’t a 5 step onboarding process that’s automated in Dubsado (although that is also a very important part)

As I work through creating a revolutionary process to sell, one that is high in integrity and energetically aligned to you, I am sure I’ll add more to these Commandments. 

For now tell me, are these any different from the way you’ve learned to sell or did you find a few surprises here?


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