You’ve been creating your Offers the wrong way


The first 3 Modules of every Online Business Course you’ll ever take would be:

  1. Find your Why
  2. Find everything about your Ideal Audience
  3. Create your Messaging, your Offers, your Marketing based on the two things above.

Yeah this works. And, if you are someone with a very strong why and a determination to match it, it might work for a little bit longer.

Until, it all starts to crumble.

Many entrepreneurs cannot define what that feeling is. Some have tried everything but still not reached the level of success they wanted to. Some did (on pure adrenaline and determination), but now things seem…

“I want to burn it all down” is the common feeling at this stage.

If you feel this, there’s no shame. Believe me when I tell you that there’s no entrepreneur who hasn’t thought about burning their business to the ground. Don’t believe the happy Instagram selfies.

Now there’s a simple explanation to this feeling. There’s a step missing in the Modules of every Online Business Course/Program.

Step 1 is great, Finding your Why is important. We should all start with Why. Why? Just trust Simon Sinek.

The thing with Why though it can change and evolve. When I started my business my Why was to make enough money to pay for my pedicures. That’s it.

And then it changed. Money isn’t my Why anymore. Activating women to believe that they are worthy of having a Rich Life & smashing the patriarchy is my why. 

Step 2 is also necessary. We need to know who our Ideal Client is. And no, while you don’t need to know what magazine they read and their favorite Pop Artist, you do need to know your ideal client really really well. 

The common mistake is the missing step that comes after Step 2. We’ve been told to create offers that your ideal client wants.

That is correct. But that’s not the whole picture. 

Because, you are missing a very important piece here – YOU!

Yes, You!

Remember the You on your About Page?

Did you forget about her when you created your offers, your messaging and your entire business model?

Did you take the first 2 steps and then googled what your competitor was doing and copy pasted her entire business strategy to yours?

Did you completely ignore your intuition that was asking you to create something else but you didn’t because it didn’t show up on your Ideal Customer Research or noone in your industry is doing it?


Here’s a fact – if you ignore your own desires and continue to fit in into other’s blueprint of success, you will create a business right on top of a pyre.

So what should you do instead?

There are 3 things you must do now:

  1. Know your Human Design. This will teach you more about yourself and how you are supposed to exchange energy in this world. If this is interesting to you, come back tomorrow, I am doing a full post on it.

  2. Listen to that intuition. That’s the voice of God/Universe/Your Higher Self/Infinite Intelligence, whatever you believe in. The more you resist it, the less it’ll have to interfere in getting you on the path you are meant to be.

  3. Create your Offers not only on the basis of what your Ideal Client wants but create a sweet spot between what they want, what you desire to create in this world and what people are ready to pay for. Don’t worry if you don’t understand this yet. Just start playing. Make a list of all three.

    What does my Ideal Client need?
    If money, time or resources wasn’t an issue, what would I create?
    What are people paying money for? This honestly is the least relevant. A few weeks ago an artist sold an invisible structure for $18K, I am pretty sure we can find a market for what you do

There’s a common saying in the spiritual world “if you follow your true nature, you cannot fail.”

The problem with the “old way” of doing business is that it doesn’t leave any scope for following our true nature. The whole construct is built on “fitting in” “following along” and “pleasing”

The good thing is the old way is dying and giving way to a new age of doing business. The question is are you ready for it?


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