My Best and Worst Financial Decisions of 2020


To make money, you have to spend money.

I know that. You know that.

You do know that right?

It kinda depends what kind of business you have. If you are in the business of making candles, you have to buy the raw material to make the candle or maybe even invest in a candle making course.

If you are a Coach or a Done for you Service Provider, then you may be able to start with a very low capital (I started my business with an old Macbook and zero dollars), but eventually you have to invest.  From website services to coaching to masterminds.

I am a big believer in spending my money to make my life easier, to learn a new skill (I am currently getting certified in EFT, Hypnosis and TIME Technique) and getting coached (because I can’t get over my own bullshit on my own!)

Moreover, I believe (and know it to be true) that money is energy. It needs to flow. When you hoard it, it becomes blocked and stagnated. 

Still, not all investments are created equal. 

There are some investments that fly and others that flop. I am okay with that. I understand the risks when I spend $500 in a course or $50,000 in coaching.

Both of them btw are a big deal for me. I was a stay-at-home mama 4 years ago. Any money that I make and spend is a big deal.

As a ⅗ (in Human Design),  I learn by trial and error. As I did some number crunching inside my business this week, I made a note of the investments that paid off for me and the ones that were a total bust.

I am sharing an honest opinion here for 2 reasons.

#1 As your business grows, you may think you need to invest in a few things, just because it sounds cool. This can be a trap. Just because a new millionaire on the block says you need to buy or invest in something, doesn’t mean you have to!

#2 As your business grows, you may still treat it like a fledgling business by not spending money on certain things that can help you make or keep your money. This can definitely stump your growth and this article might change your opinion

A couple of disclaimers;

First, I am strictly speaking from my own experience. 

Second, I am not taking into account courses, self development coaching, education etc. The ROI of a course or a self development coaching like a coaching certification or learning how to read a Human Design chart, for example, can be difficult to explain. Here I am talking about expenses directly related to business.


3 Investments that paid off (and I’ll make again!)


  1. Cash Flow Coaching with Amber Duggar – This was probably the best money I paid in 2020. Amber Duggar is a Cash Flow Expert for Online Entrepreneurs. Through her framework, Profit for Keeps, Amber teaches Online Entrepreneurs how to have a better awareness of their money and cash flow systems.

    But, anyone who has worked with Amber will tell you that she’s so much more. In one sentence – Amber helped me keep more of my money and spend it like a freakin’ Rich Lady.

    I’ve always loved making and spending money but I was terrified to look at my numbers. My philosophy in life was “use my card and pray.” Amber changed that for me.

    To give you an idea, by the end of 2020, I was able to save $20k for my retirement, save $30k for taxes, and have 6 months of expenses stashed away. In fact the reason why I am able to take 3 months off this summer (no clients aka no revenue coming in) is because of applying Amber’s system diligently.

  2. Mastermind & Coaching – As long as I can, I’ll always invest in masterminds and coaching. It’s where my mind expands, I meet new friends and have someone call me out on my own shit. Why would I ever stop paying for that? Last year I did two masterminds. Both with epic women. Both are called Laura. Laura Wright, the sales ninja and my ride or die and Laura Belgray, THE LAURA BELGRAY!

  3. Copywriting – Until last year I had always written my own landing pages, sales pages and email sequence. And, while I love to write, I prefer watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. Getting my copy written and ready was a delight. This is another expense I’ll continue to invest in.

    I also invested in Bookkeeping and a podcast producer. Both these investments, although don’t make me direct money, saves me so much time, headache and stress, that I would never let go of them.


3 Investments that bombed (and I probably shouldn’t have made)


  1. Hiring an OBM – This is one of the “all the cool kids have it, so should I” kinda investment. It was dumb. Here’s the thing, I thought I needed an OBM but instead I needed systems and definitely some time off.

    As soon as I hit multiple six figures, I thought hiring an OBM was a natural next step. Nope. I paid a lot of money for nothing. My business has been very simple. I don’t have funnels, courses or complicated launches. Until last year I just had 1 program and a few 1:1 or group intensive offers. I also didn’t have a team other than a VA.

    If I did have a bunch of courses and a few other team members, maybe hiring an OBM made sense. But it didn’t for me. I realised this after spending quite a bit of money.

  2. Hiring someone to get me on Podcasts – File this under “BIG MISTAKE”. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who do this well and there are a lot of people out there who say they do it well. I got the latter one. Again, this was one of the “vanity hiring”. I wanted to get on podcasts because other people were going on podcasts and I had zero time to pitch.

    After $$$$ wasted and not much to show for it, I axed this expense for good.

    Is getting on podcasts good? 100%. Does everyone who says they’ll get you on a podcast will get you on good, reliable podcasts? Nope. In short, if you are thinking about this, do your research!

  3. Kajabi – Okay, okay calm down. You can lower your guns. Hear me out! I know Kajabi is a big deal, the Rolls Royce of an Online Business. But, is it? Maybe for someone who has more than 1 course or delivers a lot of content. For my micro business where LIVE Coaching and Hot Seats is the main component, it just didn’t make sense.

    Thankfully, I made this decision pretty quickly and I didn’t lose a lot of money but many of my clients have thrown their money on Kajabi just because Amy Porterfield uses it.

    Kajabi might be a great platform but it still doesn’t mean it might be great for you.

    Same thing goes for other platforms that are expensive and made for volume. I almost paid a shit ton of money for Active Campaign for my tiny list and thankfully decided against it. 

So there you have it, 3 of my best and worst financial investments. Tell me, where have you spent your best and worst money to date?


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