The Calling


I’ve been watching this show on Netflix called Manifest. A plane on its way from Jamaica to New York has major turbulence for a few minutes and when they land in New York City, it’s 5 years later. 

As the passengers are trying to make sense of what the hell happened on the plane and adjust to their new life minus the 5 years, they all start to receive “callings.”

A calling is like a voice from within asking them to do stuff. Like their intuition. When they follow the calling aka their intuition, they are able to help people. They solve kidnapping cases, save people from dying and catch criminals. 

The thing is, all these people don’t necessarily want to do all this ‘saving the world’ stuff.  All they want is to slip back into their life and do anything possible to make up for the lost 5 years. But they are just not able to ignore the calling.

The voice coming from within doesn’t stop unless they follow it. It’s like they don’t have a choice. They have to follow it. In doing so, they are not only solving the mystery behind the plane but also really helping people.

That got me thinking, what if we were all like that? What if our intuition was so loud that we were never able to ignore it? 

What if all our actions were always guided by the voice of our higher self and not the voice of our head?


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