5 Questions to ask yourself everyday


They might be tough to answer but your life will be much more joyful & fulfilled because of them.

  1. What will make me come alive today? What can you do today that will put you in touch with your desires and increase your pleasure? 
  2. What am I resisting today? What action do you spend your time procrastinating the most? Hint – Do that first. 
  3. How am I spending my time today? If we look at how you spend your time minute by minute, how much time is spent on thinking and worrying about problems, how much is spent on the things you are resisting, how much is spent on judging, comparison and self flagellation and how much is spent in nourishing yourself. 
  4. How am I talking to or about myself today? What words am I using to describe myself and my past, present and future to others and myself? 

Which one of these would you dare to ask yourself today?

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