How to Stand Out in a Crowded Online Space with 4 Timeless Principles


Earlier this week I was being interviewed at a Summit. I loved the question the interviewer asked me “Deepshikha how do you stand out in a really crowded online space?”

Gosh, I loved the question!

I kept thinking about the question well after the interview. How DO I stand out? What have my clients done to stand out?

In the end, I was able to nail it down to 4 principles that I’ve used and taught to my clients to stand out in the Industry, no matter what the niche was.

These principles are timeless. When you use them you won’t be at the mercy of a social media’s algorithm.

They work anywhere, anytime.

And today I am excited to share them with you via a slightly different way than I’ve been using from the past 48 days.

When I started The Deep End Project, I knew that it would shift and transform. That’s the way of the feminine. Like water, we are always moving, transforming, changing shape and gaining momentum.

In the last couple weeks, egged on by two of my friends, I’ve a strong desire to do more Video.

I am definitely learning to listen to my desires more and follow them. Wrote about that here!

Just like I said when I started The Deep End – – I don’t know where this will lead but I am happy to follow the breadcrumbs of my intuition.

So today’s Deep End is via Video.

4 Timeless Principles you can use, anytime, anywhere and in any industry to Stand Out and stay top of mind!


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