Projectors in Business


I am a Projector.

I am not here for the typical 9-5 or physical labor.

I am here to lead.

I am here to guide.

But only when I am recognized and invited.

Think of me as a lighthouse. I am here to shine my bright light. 

Whoever needs my light will always find it as long as I keep shining it with confidence.

I don’t have sacral energy much like a Manifestor, therefore I am not meant to work longer hours. 

If I do, I will get burnt out. 

I need lots of rest, naps and lots of down time.

I thrive in businesses where I do not have to work for more than 2-3 hrs a day. 

I am here to see and not do. I always offer a higher perspective. 

I sometimes forget that, but my greatest gift is being the lighthouse and providing guidance to others from a perspective that they are unable to see.

Because I am not here to initiate like a Manifestor or respond like a Generator, I can sometimes feel invisible on social media.

This is only because I forget that I am not here to initiate. I am here to be recognized and invited and that’s when I get bitter.

I can also get bitter when I am pushing too hard, not waiting to be invited or people pleasing.

Bitterness is my Not Self Theme

Not Self Theme is a Tell Tale Feeling that happens when you are not living your design. 

Like a warning sign that you are on the wrong track.

It’s your GPS telling you “if possible take a U Turn, if possible take a U Turn”

In business, there are a few tell tale signs to show me that I am out of alignment. If this is you (as a Projector), then your business can feel like an uphill battle.


Sign Number 1 – Feeling bitter about not being recognized and/or invited


This is perhaps the most common sign of an unaligned Projector. Especially in today’s day and age where recognition can be in an instant in the form of likes and comments. 

We need to remember that waiting for an invitation is not a curse but a huge blessing. Taking the example of a lighthouse again; it always keeps shining and guides the ships, the fishermen to shore. It doesn’t please them by shining a different color light nor does it wait for anyone to applaud. But it receives its majestic status by being 100% itself.

It knows that it is the Lighthouse and the work it does and how it helps others. 

Thus, the best investment of my energy is recognizing myself. When I can see my gifts, my strengths and recognize myself, that’s when people start seeing me too.

I also need to remember that “waiting for an invitation” isn’t necessary a physical invitation in a golden envelope (although sometimes it can be that too!), but it’s more of an energetic invitation. 


Sign Number 2 – Always tired and burnt out


I am really not meant to work for more than 2-3 hrs a day. This is because I have an absorbing aura. I can take in other people’s energies and amplify it. That’s why sometimes I feel “buzzed” around some people or “off” around others. 

My gift is to be able to see where people or ideas can be more effective. That requires using my innate sight to guide others. If I am constantly doing, I am unable to “see” clearly. Slowing down speeds up my success


Sign Number 3 – I give unsolicited advice


When I am recognized and appreciated for my advice, I will always be seen for my unique gifts. When I am not asked for my advice and I still give it, I’ll be ignored. Perhaps the biggest gift you can give me is to recognize me for my gifts and tell me why you appreciate me.


Sign Number 4 – The “not good enough” feeling 


Feeling not good enough is a rabbit hole I can get myself into very easily. The most important work for me as a Projector is to build an unshakeable confidence in myself. When my sense of self worth is high, I become magnetic. People cannot stop inviting me because they are so attracted to my confidence and my belief in myself. 


I have to remember that I am here to guide and not initiate. When I can fully accept and love myself as I am, I will be fully activated for success!

If you are a Projector, I hope this resonated. If you are not, then hope this gives you an insight into your Projector friends/partners/clients/kids

This is how you can support a Projector in your life:

  • Remind them why you appreciate them 
  • Encourage them to rest & spend time alone
  • Ask them for their advice & guidance
  • Encourage their curiosity & learning

Special thanks to my friend Swapna Patel for being my muse today!


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