The Importance of Prayer and Ritual in my Life


Prayer and Rituals are a big part of my life. It wasn’t like this always. I used to hate “morning rituals”, but ever since I started walking on the path of The Divine Feminine and committed to be a priestess of Goddess Isis, I also committed to my daily prayer and ritual.

As with any new habit, it took me a while to get used to it. Our ego hates change. It freaks out if you do anything new because it doesn’t know what’s gonna happen when you change. It’s the classic fear of the unknown. But once I was able to tame my ego, I was able to build my own version of the morning ritual.

Typically my morning ritual goes like this on most days (I am not super rigid about this but 95% of the time, I stick to the same order)

Morning Coffee followed by 3 pages of writing on

Followed by a 30-45 min workout 

Followed by Breakfast & Shower

Followed by my morning prayer(s) & a 20-30 minute meditation at my altar

Sometimes, I’ll pull a card and do a ritual with that, if I need some guidance

Honestly it’s a pretty solid morning ritual, one I longed to have for years. But the thing that keeps my morning ritual glued together are my daily prayers.

The power of a spoken prayer combined with a rock solid intention is nothing short of magic!

Everything in my life has improved ever since I started including prayer:

  • My prayers are like my orders on Amazon Prime. Whatever I ask for, I get.
  • My joy and fulfillment levels have improved by a landslide.
  • They ground me and align to my intentions and purpose. No more squirreling around
  • When things go wrong (and they always do) or when I feel triggered, annoyed, judgemental, angry, I am able to spring back from it quicker and without much drama.

I can’t believe I didn’t do this before. And now that I know, it feels cruel to keep it to myself.

But before I tell you what my prayer looks like, let me give you a couple of disclaimers:

  • There’s nothing religious about these prayers. They aren’t from the Bible, or Bhagavad Gita or Quran, think of them as little intentions or requests to a “Higher Power”
  • “Higher Power” can be whatever you believe in. It can be a God, Goddess, Jesus, Laxmi, Buddha, Infinite Intelligence, Quantum Field, Universe or whatever. It can even be to your Highest Self (fun fact – that higher power is actually YOU! You are God/Goddess, but I know humans get freaked out about that concept so for now you can imagine whatever.

  • The more you do it, the more powerful they become. Everything is energy. When you speak words, there is a vibration to it. The more you say the prayer, the more energy it accumulates. If you’ve ever gone to an Orchestra and sat totally mesmerised by the sounds of the different musical instruments, you know what I mean. Your words create that beautiful vibration and it builds up day by day.


If you are starting out, a great resource would be the book Outrageous Openness and Change me Prayers by Tosha Silver. You’ll find prayers from Surrender to Self Worth to many other topics.



There are at least 3 prayers I say everyday. Sometimes I’ll add an additional one based on what’s happening in my life or replace one of them. There’s no right or wrong as long as your Intention is clear. 

You can use any of these or create your own:

Always keep your hand on your heart when you say them and speak them aloud. There is power in the spoken word. Throat Chakra is related to Manifestation and it sits directly above your Heart Chakra. 

Intention + Manifestation = REAL MAGIC!!!!

I use Goddess and Universe interchangeably, you can say whatever you can




Dear Goddess, I surrender my will to your will. I choose to serve that is love. I choose to serve that is in the highest good of all.

PRAYER 2 (this is the first thing I say when I open my eyes in the morning)


I proclaim this day to be a wonderful day

I claim success today and everyday

I claim my Divine Good today and everyday

I claim staying connected to my Free Will Power

I know who I am

I know how I serve

I am here. I am here. I am here

I am God/Goddess. I am Sovereign. I am Free

And so it is

PRAYER 3 (I wrote this prayer for me. I took some help from Tosha’s Divine Abundance prayer from the Book, It’s Not Your Money)


Divine Goddess,

I welcome your unlimited, infinite love 

I stand in my truth with a deep knowing of my value, beauty and worthiness

I choose love and accept myself as I am

I trust that all my needs are always met in the most amazing ways

I am an open conduit for your love and prosperity

I am wide open to receiving more joy, unlimited abundance and divine guidance 

Today and everyday I am deeply grateful for all that is and all that will be

May I be a momentum of love for others.

I am love

I am life

I am light

I am peace

I am abundance

I am power 

I am magnetic

I am that. I am

And so it is.

Sometimes, I’ll change up a prayer based on what unfolded for me on my morning pages. For example today my prayer was

Dear Goddess,

Strip me of anything that’s not vibrating with the frequency of love.

Take the judgement. Take the jealousy. Take the ego

And, turn it into love

Remind me of my own divinity and that I am love

I am ready

Do it now

Do it now

Do it now

If you are ready to this powerful practice then simply choose the prayer that feels right to you. Or, make your own.

Commit to it for at least 30 days and notice the synchronicities , change in your perceptions and magic!.

Happy Praying!


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