My biggest lesson – We don’t control anything


Overwhelm is a bitch.

Out of all the states of being, this is one of my least favorite.

I can do anger, stress, anxiety even

But Overwhelm? 

No. Can. Do.

And mama woke up feeling overwhelmed today.

I had big hopes for June 1st.

I wanted to get all kinds of shit done today.

But my stupid alarm didn’t ring (Mercury Rx, I see you!)

I woke up at 9 am.

Usually, I am showered and ready to go by this time. 

I had planned the day to the T. I had a list of things I wanted to tackle, including ordering return favors for my son’s B’day Party in a couple weeks……

….Nothing got done.

Okay maybe 2 things got done! 

And I had to remember the biggest lesson I’ve learned :

As a human living in a 2D reality, I really do not have control over anything. Not the past, not the future.

The only thing I have control on is who I choose to be in the moment I am in. 

That is all.

Just that moment. 

It’s the hardest thing to wrap your head around because we spend our life living in the past and trying to control the future AND we miss what’s in front of us. 

The Present Moment.

But once you do understand it, you’ll learn to use this as a superpower. Because, the truth is no matter how hard you try, you will never control the future. You are and will always be powerless in front of it….

…..But you have so many present moments where you get to decide what you do in it and how you choose to be.

Overwhelm may be a bitch, but in this moment it has nothing over me.

Right now, I choose Peace. I choose Deep Breaths. And, then I choose Peace again.


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