My Plea to All Women


Please be a full person. 

OWN all parts of yourself 

LOVE all part of yourself 

There is nothing you have to do to become. 

You are already whole.

You are complete.

Not in need of completing.

What if you chose to NOT believe anyone who tell you that you have to be more of this and less of that

Remember when we saw our babies for the first time?

They were perfection.

A masterpiece that YOU created. 

Look at them now.

I bet you see the same perfection.

Often when my kids are asleep, I slip into their room and look at their faces.

Their perfect faces. Disheveled hair, mouth slightly open. 

Blanket thrown to one side. 

They are perfect.

Totally and completely perfect. 

Then I also wonder if I could hold them to that standard, why can’t I hold myself to the same standard?

Why can’t we all?

I bet when we sleep, angels come down and stare at our faces with similar thoughts.

They gasp at our beauty.

At our resilience

At our soul

They whisper to each other “just look at her. She is a masterpiece.”

I am not wrong, you know. 

Deep down inside, you know it too.

When you peel the layers of all the mental beliefs and mental patterns that we engage in so regularly – – when we Unbecome, we know how magnificent we are!

You have seen glimpses of that, haven’t you?

Maybe it’s so hard to see that right now.

I get that.

But what if just for a few minutes a day you believed in that? 

For a few minutes you (un)become.

Everyday. Would those minutes turn to hours and then to days?

That’s the game, isn’t it?

What if you tried today?

What if you said “today for the next 5 minutes I will be a full person?”

Just for 5 minutes I AM ENOUGH.

I am in the game if you are. 

Ready to play?


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