What do you Desire?



I was going through my notes today and found this piece I wrote for my book the day after I hosted The Rich Lady Legacy Retreat. I don’t know if it will make it in the book, but here it is!

(Extract from the Book)

Quick tell me. 

What do you desire?

Would you be able to tell me?

Without thinking

Do you have the answer on the top of your tongue?

Oh did you say, a vacation to Paris?

A million dollars?

That dream house?

Yeah I would have said the same thing too

Right now I am sitting in a restaurant in New York City


No kids

No husband

I have the whole day ahead of me

The sun is shining

It’s a gorgeous day

Nippy not bone chilling cold.

I have the time, the freedom and a good amount of cash and credit line to have anything I desire.

Yes, anything

So I asked myself 

“Mini what do you really want?”

Mini is my nickname and whenever I talk to myself, I use that name

As I sipped my Mimosa that’s more Orange Juice than champagne, I asked again 

“What do you really want?”


I could go into a Chanel showroom and buy the bag I’ve been obsessing over 

I could walk into a spa right now and get a massage. Yeah a massage would certainly feel good

I could buy the most gorgeous dress or a bright red lipstick 

But none of it is what I truly desire

So what is it?

“Mini, what do you truly desire?”


“What do you want?”


Oh gosh, this is hard

I really don’t know

The truth is Women have been cut off from their desires.

We have been told what we should want 

Not what we really want.

We should want to play with dolls when we are younger

We should want to have kids

We should want to love how to cook

The problem is we are asking the wrong question.

The real question should be “what am I hungry for?”

Hmmm….now that’s juicy.

That, I can answer.

I am hungry to be a woman who loves every inch of her body and all parts of herself as much as she loves her family

I am hungry to be the business owner who makes a difference in people’s lives & get paid big bucks for it

I am hungry to walk onto a stage knowing in every cell of my body that I belong there

I am hungry to have someone walk up to me this minute, yes this minute as I drink this shitty mimosa and say “Deepshikha, you changed my life!” 

I am hungry to be in Service to my craft, to have unlimited abundance and to be deeply spiritual.

I am hungry to live a life of Joy, Fulfillment and Peace with a deep knowing that I am worthy just for being.

{end of extract}


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