Generators in Business


I am a Generator


They also call me the Alchemist.

I am the life force

The work force

The builder

The doer

I am here to lift the energy of the world

I am here to be the Master of my craft

I do that by waiting to respond to the urges of the Universe.

I have to wait for things to show up in my actual reality as a sign & confirmation that it’s the right idea to take action on.

I am a Sacral Being meaning that the answers, ideas and inspiration comes from my sacral. 

It’s kinda like my first brain. 

Sometimes I can stay in my head and try to figure things out with my mind.

I have been conditioned by the world to use my thinking, rather than waiting for the signs to show up.

When I do that I get frustrated.

Often I am told what to do and how to do it. This is also very frustrating, because it blocks my need to listen to my sacral center. 

Frustration is my Not Self Theme

Not Self Theme is a Tell Tale Feeling that happens when you are not living your design. 

Like a warning sign that you are on the wrong track.

It’s your GPS telling you “if possible take a U Turn, if possible take a U Turn”

On the other hand, the sign that shows that I am living my design is Satisfaction.

When I feel satisfied, I am in full alignment with my Human Design.

In business, there are a few tell tale signs to show me that I am out of alignment. If this is you (as a Generator), then your business can feel like an uphill battle.


Sign Number 1 – Perpetual feeling of being ‘stuck-in-the-mud’ 


Generators get stuck so easily. When we try to make decisions with our brain, we can get the stuck-in-the-mud feeling. Listening to our gut and then waiting to respond to an outer sign/confirmation is the way to get out of the mud (for real!)

This is a practice. The more we practice paying attention to our sacral responses, the less often we will feel stagnation, stuck-ness, and tear-your-hair-out frustration. 


Sign Number 2 – I am following someone else’s idea of “work”


I am here to be the Master of my Craft. My craft is the work that lights me up. That feels like play. That gives me all the bliss.

I’ve always been told that it’s not okay to live my life for myself. That it’s selfish. That I should sacrifice my happiness for others.

The fact is when I follow my bliss, I uplift the energy of the world.

If you are following someone else’s idea of living, ask yourself “what truly makes you happy?”

I will feel my body buzzing with excitement and get a visceral yes/no


 Sign Number 3 – I get caught up in comparison


Because I am here to wait to respond and not jump into action like a Manifestor, I can sometimes feel that things are not moving fast enough for me.

I need to understand that I have a stair-step learning curve and I will hit plateaus. It’s important for me to have a mentor that will encourage me to not give up completely. That encouragement and reminder to listen to my gut is what will eventually lead me to have a breakthrough and reach mastery


Sign Number 4 – Seeking Validation and Approval from People through Self Sacrifice 


I’ve always been told that it’s selfish to take care of myself and listen to my needs. This can keep me in a constant loop of seeking validation and people pleasing. But when I prioritize my own needs, desires and preferences, I am in constant flow. It’s like a high on life and this attracts abundance, success and opportunities towards me.

I have to remember that when I listen to my sacral and follow my desires, I become fully activated in my purpose!

If you are a Generator, I hope this resonated. If you are not, then hope this gives you an insight into your Generator friends/partners/clients/kids

You are needed (as is everyone). Follow your bliss. Take care of your desires. Practice to listen to your sacral and expect signs and confirmations and the Universe all around you

Special thanks to my friend Diana Eskander for being my muse and for being the most aligned Generator I have ever seen!

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