Confession – I don’t always feel Worthy


I have a confession to make today. 

One of the most important work I do with the women in my programs is Self Worth work.

When they achieve mind blowing results like $30k months and sold out spots in their packages, I usually ask them what’s the shift that made this happen?

They say “you made us see our Self Worth”

I kid you not. I have a 100% track record of this and even have it on Video. They don’t say “oh I learned this strategy or that tactic”, they say “I finally realised who I really am!”

And now for the confession :

Sometimes my Self Worth is down in the dumps.

Sometimes I don’t believe in myself 

Sometimes I don’t think I am good at anything

Sometimes I don’t think I am meant to do this work

Sometimes I want to quit

Sometimes I have so many doubts on my ability to run a business 

Sometimes I feel like an Impostor

Sometimes I feel that all this disqualifies me from doing my work.

But as my dear friend Brenna reminded me today and I am quoting her here “I think sometimes we feel like these time periods disqualify us from doing “the thing” – – when in actuality – – the hard times make us more capable.

She’s so right. 

I do this work not because I found the magic pill of never feeling like an Impostor or because I feel highly worthy of all things.

I do it because I know how it feels to have the Unworthiness crawl back in my brain every now and then.

I am capable because everyday I make a choice to do this work on myself first. 

Some days I fail. Somedays I rock it.

All days I stay on the path. That counts for something.


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