The Missing Link between Stuck and Flow


Today’s Writing is coming straight from my Morning Pages. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Morning Pages. They come from the book, Artist’s Way. Julia Cameron, author of Artist’s Way recommends 3 pages of longhand, stream-of-consciousness journaling habit done first thing every morning on a daily basis. 

I’ve been doing Morning pages for 2 years now. But I wasn’t always consistent. In Fact there were periods of weeks in between when I didn’t do them. And when I did do them, my morning pages often became afternoon or sometimes night pages!

I also kept oscillating between writing with my hand in an actual journal or writing on (which is 3 pages of writing approximately). 

But now it’s become a habit, one that I am addicted to. It’s part of my Morning Routine and I absolutely just love to get the junk out of my consciousness, every morning.

So many insights come out of those pages. Even The Deep End Project was born out of there.

Today as I wrote my Morning Pages, I had this aha moment that I wanted to bring here.

I was journaling about Intuition. The inner knowing that exists in all of us.

We don’t always use it sadly, but it’s there.

Some people are more intuitive than others.

Some have trouble making a distinction between their intuition and fear.

And some of you may be like me. You have a very strong intuition but you have trouble trusting it.

You often disregard it as a crazy idea or just another thought. 

Perhaps there’s also some fear because maybe you did listen to your intuition once and things didn’t pan out the way you wanted to.

That has definitely happened to me before. 

That sticky feeling of stuck-ness of not quite knowing whether to listen to it or not, can be very disorienting.

You can’t quite put your finger on exactly what the missing piece is

Something inside isn’t quite right. You know it.

You can feel that storm brewing.

That Inner Knowing is rising and getting louder.

Yes. That feeling. 

The stuck-sticky-yucky feeling of confusion. 

That feeling is the absence of Trust.

Trust in yourself

Trust in your ability to listen

Trust in following through, irrespective of the consequence.

The question I was trying to answer today was “How do I know that this is my intuition and not something else disguised as intuition?”

In response I wrote:

I believe that trust is everything. That’s what moves us to take action and propel forward. 

If we don’t trust ourselves no matter how many books we read, how much money we spend on business programs and coaching, we won’t take action.

When I trust, I can act on my intuition. Otherwise, it’s just a passing thought. 

When I trust, I develop my musculature to listen to my inner knowing even more. 

So the question isn’t “do I have the right skill?” or “do I have it in me to accomplish this big goal?

The question even isn’t “is my intuition right or wrong?”

It is “Do I trust myself enough to take that step?”

To send that email

Make that announcement 

Hire that person

Let go of a client

Send a pitch 

You trust. And then no matter what happens, you trust again. And then again. And then again. 

Yes, I do believe that’s the missing link between going from stuck to flow. 

Trust in Oneself.  

And sometimes you don’t even need a whole lot of it, just a tiny sliver of it will do. 

What will you choose to trust today?


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