Death and Re-Birth in Business


I am working on a new offer.

As a Manifestor I am not meant to do the same thing again and again.

My signature program, Hook ‘Em & Book ‘Em ran for 4 rounds. It gave me an opportunity to work with some fantastic women around the world, across industries.

I helped my clients have amazing breakthroughs, emotional, spiritual and financial.

But the part that gets me every time are the relationships we built with each other.

It was an amazing program and I am extremely proud of it, but it’s time to let it go.

The truth is I am not the same person I was even 6 months ago. Last couple of months I have felt myself go through an intense death and re-birth process.

Many women are going through this right now. This is a time for awakening for a lot of women on the planet. We are being called to birth a new way to live for generations to come.

Last year has been evidence of this.

It’s no surprise that more and more women are awakening to the Divine Feminine, talking about Patriarchy, Inequality and other societal constructs that need to go!

Our old selves have to die in order to birth something new. This is happening right now, whether you feel it or not.

That’s exactly how I feel in my business right now too.

I know there’s something about to be born, but I am not sure entirely what it is.

All I know is I am being called to serve in ways I have never before.

it’s exciting and fucking scary.

I often get carried away when I see people around me launching programs and making offers.

Patriarchy has its roots deep into our psyche. If you let it, it will always make you feel like you aren’t doing enough. EVER!

In moments like these, I have to remind myself that it’s okay to be in the unknown for a bit.

It’s okay not to go-go-go all the time.

I have to think back to when I was pregnant with my kids. Life demanded that I ate on time, I rested my legs often and that I keep my doctor appointments.

I listened to my “cravings”, if it said “cake”,  I walked all the way to Hoboken, New Jersey to Carlo’s Bakery, stand in the que for 30 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed my chocolate cake.

Birthing something new in your business is the same thing.

Don’t rush it. Don’t try to push it before it’s ready to be born.

This process between death and re-birth can be messy too.

Kinda like the metamorphosis of butterflies.

Did you know that when a butterfly is in the process of “becoming”  – there are THREE stages she moves through. 

Caterpillar to winged one is not the full story. 

In between those, comes the complete dissolution phase.  It’s when she completely dissolves and transmutes into a liquid form in order for her to emerge as the beautiful thing she is.  Sometimes you will be in a dissolving phase.  This is not bad.  It’s part of the process. 

It’s the part of becoming or as I say it’s UN-BECOMING!!

Because we never have to become something else. We only have to shed the layers, call back the parts that have been fragmented over time and un-become who we’ve always been.

Do you understand this?

It can be hard to wrap your head around it especially when we have always believed that we need the pill, the fix, the secret to fix ourselves.

But when you truly understand that you are whole and NOT BROKEN, then even though the period between the death and re-birth can feel like walking through fire, there’s a sweetness to it – – because you get to meet yourself on the other side!!

The Real You!!

How exciting is that??

Believe me, there’s nothing more exciting about meeting your real self finally and being completely in love with her, cellulite, dark circles and all!

You must be wondering what has all this got to do with this “new offer” I am working on?


So while I don’t know what it its exactly, I know with every cell in my body that it has to do with helping women in the process of Un-Becoming.

Guiding them when they are dissolving.

Holding them when they are transmuting.

Witnessing their Un-Becoming and mirroring it’s beauty back to them.

Thinking about it makes my DNA dance to be honest!!

I strongly believe this can be a game changer for women in business especially.

How will your life change if you completely and without a doubt believed in your worthiness?

If you knew the value you bring to your clients, your community and your peers?

If you didn’t doubt yourself and your ability to have a thriving business?

If you knew that it’s possible for you to have the success you only imagine in your dreams without giving up on sleep, rest, exercise or your kids’ bed time?

If you had the belief, the confidence and the knowing to trust your decisions, put yourself out there and be ready to receive the clients you want to work with?

If instead of always looking outside for answers, solutions and fixes, you found everything you needed within?

I think that’d be pretty incredible!

But since I have looked and looked and haven’t found anything that checks all the boxes above and since I am a Manifestor, I am gonna create it myself!

After all, aren’t I meant to blaze trail and start fires?

Yes, I do!

When I do, I hope you’ll join me. It would be an honor to witness your unfoldment of Un-Becoming!


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